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Medical Advice on "Erectile Dysfunction"

Erectile dysfunction is one of the commonest sexual health related problem faced by men ... Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as difficulty in obtaining and/or maintaining an erection during sexual activity and/or have noticed a marked decrease in erectile rigidity in all or almost all (75–100%) sexual encounters … View thread »

I feel a strong sexual urge but then there is that erectile dysfunction ... With regards to erectile dysfunction, the most common cause at this age would be psychogenic … View thread »

... become a prominent problem in this era. Statistically speaking, 152 million men are affected worldwide. Let us understand more about what is erectile dysfunction (ED ... … View thread »

Based on your history, your erectile dysfunction is due to side effects of Fluoxetine … View thread »

 Recently, I started experiencing erectile dysfunction, that is, I am unable to hold my erection ... For erectile dysfunction, you can try supplements like L-Arginine and Yohimbine … View thread »

I have been facing erectile dysfunction for the past one month ... Thus the side effects may include loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, low mood, irritability and depression … View thread »

ED (erectile dysfunction) can be because of mainly two causes: Psychological (lack of desire leads) … View thread »

Due to this, I am affected with erectile dysfunction for one year … View thread »

I think I have erectile dysfunction ...  I think I have erectile dysfunction because I am ejaculating too early and my penis is not strongly erect … View thread »

But, I think the other possible reasons for erectile dysfunction may be: Vessel wall thickening (arteriosclerosis - loss of elasticity of the artery) … View thread »


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