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Medical Advice on "Exercises"

Considering all these have been done, I would suggest you to concentrate on deep breathing exercises and pranayama … View thread »

jumping, boxing, or exercises involving the use of weights or resistance bands ... Running and other exercises which increase the heart rate considerably can increase the sheer force of the blood in the arteries and also lead to thrombus formation in such patients … View thread »

Will exercises or workout help in overcoming it … View thread »

Strengthening exercises for knees, hip, and foot ... Breathing exercisesView thread »

You can have a normal diet and regular antenatal exercises till then … View thread »

You should realize that there are two types of exercises ... Strengthening: once the acute pain has settled and a full pain-free range of motion has been achieved, these exercises can be done for strength or endurance … View thread »

Start a seven-day session consisting of mobilization, strengthening of back muscles, IFT (interferential therapy), ultrasound, and pelvic stabilization exercisesView thread »

... to be having tight foreskin called phimosis. There are two options available for this problem, namely preputioplasty and circumcision. It is better to correct this problem before marriage. Otherwise, it would lead to paraphimosis following ... … View thread »

... consulting me at this platform. I have thoroughly gone through your case and can well understand your genuine health concerns. I think you need to carry out taking the same medication as this is a mandatory medication. Exercise induced asthma may also cause ... … View thread »


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