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Medical Advice on "Faulty Breastfeeding Technique"

... the following points: Monitor the weight of the child to see if he/she is getting proper feeds and gaining proper weight. You can feed the baby with a bottle or with a sipper to monitor how much feeds the child is taking and this will also regulate the ... … View thread »

He is on breastfeeding only ... Make sure, the feeding position is proper, so that baby should not take in a lot of air during breastfeedingView thread »

My wife is facing problem in breastfeeding as the baby is not taking the feed properly ...  What are the other ways to make the baby have milk directly through breastfeedingView thread »

The success of breastfeeding involves the participation of both mother and baby ... I suggest you a few tips for a successful breastfeedingView thread »

 The back pain and catch in the ribs could also be related to faulty breastfeeding practices ... Do not bend and lean over while breastfeeding that can also cause such problems … View thread »

... pressure (BP) is absolutely normal. There are various reasons for your tiredness and weakness which are as follows. Wrong position of breast feeding may cause back pain and tiredness. You should not bend your back while breast feeding. Put some pillows ... … View thread »

If the pain is in and around the nipple, then it is most likely due to faulty technique while feeding ... Now considering that you are not doing any faulty technique or posture and still getting the pain deep inside: It could be due to opening of milk ducts each time the baby sucks ... These are the instructions for proper breastfeeding technique: Make sure that you insert not only the nipple but the whole areola (the dark colored area around the nipple) into baby's mouth … View thread »

 I am breastfeeding her regularly ... It requires me to have a look on your breastfeeding session for giving proper guidance on the latch … View thread »


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