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Medical Advice on "Faulty Breastfeeding Technique"

Please note the following points: Monitor the weight of the child to see if he/she is getting proper feeds and gaining proper weight. You can feed the baby with a bottle or with a sipper to monitor how much feeds the child is taking and this will also regulate the … View thread »

I understand your concern. I think, you just have to make sure proper time duration and frequency of feeding. Make sure, the baby is breastfed on one breast completely and then attached to another breast (frequently changing one breast to another breast or … View thread »

First of all, tell your wife to at least try to breastfeed for 15 minutes. Yes, it is difficult to feed first baby, but with experience it will become easy. Tell her to put the nipple completely in his mouth by making a V-shape in her hand. No, breast pump will not … View thread »

This is a common problem most mothers will face. The success of breastfeeding involves the participation of both mother and baby. Both of you have to learn to feed. I suggest you a few tips for a successful breastfeeding. Let your baby lie in a straight line. Both baby … View thread »

The back pain post-delivery is mainly related to lack of calcium, inadequate rest, and poor hydration. Please see to it that you take calcium supplements and calcium-rich food. Take plenty of fluids. The back pain and catch in the ribs could also be related to faulty … View thread »

Your blood pressure (BP) is absolutely normal. There are various reasons for your tiredness and weakness which are as follows. Wrong position of breast feeding may cause back pain and tiredness. You should not bend your back while breast feeding. Put some pillows … View thread »

You have not mentioned the specific site where you get the pain. Is it in and around the nipple or is it deep inside? If the pain is in and around the nipple, then it is most likely due to faulty technique while feeding. These are the instructions for proper  … View thread »

Sorry to hear that your little one is not in good spirits today. A neonate can be upset for a variety of reasons ranging from tummy upset, colic, nose block, ear ache, tiredness, etc.  Since you are having a minor infection and she is waking frequently, there may be … View thread »


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