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Medical Advice on "Fever"

What I am going to convey here is not a major science or a new finding, but I felt it is necessary to share this with you because I have seen hundreds of patient who have no basic knowledge about fever and often get wrongly treated either by self-medication or with over-the-counter medications suggested by a pharmacist … View thread »

Viral fevers that come with the common flu or cold tend to subside within three days ... On the other hand, bacterial fevers like urinary tract infection or ear infections are more critical and require the administration of a course of antibiotics … View thread »

What is dengue fever ... Can dengue fever recur … View thread »

Viral fever is very common during the change of seasons ... Chikungunya Fever: Chikungunya is caused by the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquito … View thread »

He was not getting better but worse the following days with fever not reducing, worse pain inside his mouth, not eating, skin over the lymph node turning red, and also generally feeling ill … View thread »

Now, the fever is less but the headache continues ... A headache along with fever is a common symptom of viral feverView thread »

She had fever and knee joint pain on the right side for over one and a half month ... Still fever persists though it was better for a few days after starting ATT … View thread »

Causes Not all cases of strep throat lead to rheumatic fever ... When a strep throat infection or scarlet fever has not been completely treated, the bacteria stay on … View thread »

Some of the common questions and answers about Dengue Fever are explained here ... What Is Dengue FeverView thread »

It can sometimes have lethal complications like hemorrhagic fever ... of fever, rash and headache … View thread »


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