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Medical Advice on "Folic Acid"

Before starting, I was diagnosed with folate deficiency and prescribed six months of folic acid tablets ... The folic acid tablets that you had taken for a month helped to raise your folate levels from 4 to 6 … View thread »

My doctor recommended me to take Folic acid ... If you have a severe MTHFR defect, then you need to avoid Folic acid and also need to screen some fetal congenital defects like spina bifida or anencephaly at an earliest … View thread »

My doctor advised me to take Folic acid, Oosure and Glycomet without any medical test like an ultrasound, etc … View thread »

I would like to know the dosage of Folic acid I should start ... I suggest you tablet Folvite 5 mg of Folic acid one tablet per day … View thread »

5 mg Folic acid and Vitamin B ... The amount of folic acid or vitamin B available in capsule of Spirulina is not sufficient to meet the daily requirements of these vitamins … View thread »

I suggest you Folic acid supplements and Iron supplements ... You can continue with Folic acid and Iron supplements … View thread »

Preconception vitamin that has been advised universally is Folic acid 04 gm per day for normal ladies who wish to conceive and not have any chronic disease like epilepsy (need 5 gm per day) before conception … View thread »

Yes, it is important to take the above folic acid supplement to prevent cleft palate and lip and also neurological defects in the fetus … View thread »

I suggest you Folic acid supplements, as it has to be taken three months before planning to for pregnancy ... But, you can continue Folic acid supplements … View thread »

As this drug is composed of Iron supplement and Folic acid, you can take any available Iron and Folic acid supplement even as two separate medications … View thread »


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