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The skin that covers the tip of the penis is called foreskin or prepuce. A number of pathological conditions can affect this skin, which can be treated by surgically removing the foreskin called circumcision.

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Recently Answered Questions

Foreskin is swollen like a balloon after frenuloplasty. Is this normal?
Query: Hi doctor,Yesterday I had to have a frenuloplasty. I had to have a general anaesthetic. I woke up and never got any advice off the urologist because I never saw him after the procedure. The nurse who discharged me told me to take off the dressing in the morning and wash the wound and the foreskin tw...  Read Full »
Dr. Devendra

Answer: Hello, Welcome to You have very likely developed a paraphimosis. It would be more clear if you share a picture of the penis. You are supposed to keep the skin in front of glans. If it is painful to roll the skin over the glans, I suggest using Lignocaine gel and pull it front. After t...  Read Full »
My foreskin is swollen after a frenuloplasty. Is it paraphimosis?
Query: Hello doctor, I had a frenuloplasty yesterday and the doctor told me that I had to put back my foreskin 24 hours after the operation, but it is impossible for me to do it. My foreskin is big and swollen and the stitches seem to hold it retracted. Is this normal? Or is it paraphimosis?  Read Full »
Dr. Praveen Pushkar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Is your foreskin swollen after the operation or was it swollen before? Was your foreskin tight before surgery or easily retractable? Can you upload a picture of it? Generally, after frenuloplasty, there might be a bit of swelling around the frenulum area. And if it p...  Read Full »
Why does my foreskin not coming down completely?
Query: Hello doctor, I am 29 years old. I am a male. Though I have been having healthy masturbation since past 15 years or more, the head of my penis is visible only a little bit and the foreskin not fully comes down. Will that situation hamper my married life? Having sex with a condom is possible right? ...  Read Full »
Dr. Ramchandra Lamba

Answer: Hi, Welcome to If the foreskin does not retract fully, then it is difficult to perform the sexual activity because it can cause pain and can cause rupture of the frenulum. It all depends upon the severity of the condition. It is advisable that you meet a surgeon in person for an evalu...  Read Full »
My foreskin is tight. How can I loosen my foreskin?
Query: Hello doctor, I am a 25 year old male. My foreskin is tight and it is difficult and hurts to pull back my skin off the head when erect but goes back with less effort when not erect. How can I loosen my foreskin at home?  Read Full »
Dr. Nidhin Mohan
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Home-based treatment methods for tight foreskin (phimosis) are not recommended. Easy treatment is circumcision meaning foreskin is removed. It is a simple and safe procedure done as a day care procedure. It does not require admission also. For more information cons...  Read Full »
How to pull back my tight foreskin?
Query: Hi doctor, I am 18 years old. I am uncircumcised, and my foreskin is not fully retractable. I am struggling to pull it back to expose about 20 % of the head when it is erect. When flaccid, it is easier to pull the skin, and I can get about 40 % to 50 % of the head exposed. My penis has a slight cur...  Read Full »
Dr. Vivek Chail
General Practitioner

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have gone through the attachment (attachment removed to protect patient identity). No one has a straight penis. Your penis appears normal. However, if the curvature is getting worse and if you want to confirm it, then you can get an ultrasound scan of the penis done t...  Read Full »
Phimosis (Tight Foreskin): Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments
Article Overview: This article talks about the condition where the foreskin is tight and there is difficulty in retraction.  Read Article »
Dr. Vasantha K S

The prepuce (foreskin) is a double-layered tissue that forms the anatomical covering of the glans penis in males. In certain conditions, the prepuce is too tight and does not slide over the glans and is stuck in one place, either over the tip or behind. Phimosis and Paraphimosis When the opening o ...  Read Article »
How can foreskin be released from head of penis without pain?
Query: Hello doctor,My foreskin is attached to the head of the penis. Is there any solution to release it without pain?  Read Full »
Dr. Junaid Nabi
Psychiatrist, Sexologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Phimosis means tight foreskin. In this condition, the foreskin may not be moving freely. There are two ways to treat it. One is medical and other is surgical. I will suggest medical treatment. First pull down the foreskin as down as possible and apply Betamethasone cr...  Read Full »
My entire foreskin is swollen and red. Is it due to the steroid cream I used?
Query: Hi doctor, I am 51 years and nondiabetic. It seems I am suffering from balanitis for the past two weeks. Earlier, I had the problem of ringworm, but then after medication of Clotrimazole ointment and oral tablet Terbinafine, it was treated. After a couple of months of that problem, I noticed two wee...  Read Full »
Dr. Sandeep Golla

Answer: Hi, Welcome to By your complaints and the picture (attachment removed to protect patient identity), your concern is balanitis. What your dermatologist had suggested is appropriate. You are facing side effects due to potent steroid in FourDerm (combination of Chlorhexidine, Clobetasol...  Read Full »
My inner foreskin started burning after sex. How to heal this?
Query: Hi doctor,A week back, I had sex with my wife using a condom. The condom appeared to be a bit dry and we had rough sex. After sex, when I was washing up with soap I felt some burning sensation in the inner foreskin. There were some cuts. Also, when I pulled back the skin, I felt pain in my frenulum....  Read Full »
Dr. Salah Saad Shoman
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to This area of your body has very sensitive tissue. It should heal on its own. Healing can be delayed if complicated by infection. This is not your fault as pubic area has many bacteria that are present normally. To fasten the healing process, you need to clean the area thr...  Read Full »
Why is there redness in the foreskin and glans?
Query: Hello doctor, I have redness in the foreskin and glans which becomes bright red when subjected to friction and becomes normal or very light red. This redness comes and goes often. It has been there for a year and above. I took all viral tests and it is negative for all. I used Candid B ointment wit...  Read Full »
Dr. Bharatesh Devendra Basti

Answer: Hi, Welcome to There are no active lesions in the photos. There will be some amount of redness with friction. Do not worry about it much. It appears there are no symptoms like itching. Avoid friction or irritation. Do not do forceful masturbation. Avoid using harsh soap or cleanser. D...  Read Full »


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