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Medical Advice on "Fungal Infection"

Some of the common fungal infections (also called superficial mycoses) according to the site of infection are as follows: 1 ... Treatment includes oral antifungal drugs like Itraconazole, Griseofulvin, etc ... There are various types of fungi and each causes distinct features, depending on the site of infection ... However, immunocompromised individuals must be careful about them entering the bloodstream and causing severe systemic infections … View thread »

tinea pedis (fungal infection of the feet) and tinea manuum (fungal infection of the hand) and coexist with them, seldom occurring before puberty ... Dermatophyte infection of the nail plate is known as tinea unguium … View thread »

Is it possibly a fungal infection ... Fungal infections usually cause severe illness ...  I have tried an antibiotic for a suspected sinus infection, but low grade fever and fatigue persists … View thread »

Doctor asked me to get admitted in the hospital for a microsuction to remove fungal debris ... I would like to tell you that fungal infection in ear is quite common and it may be treated by: Cleaning the ear: Cleaning may be done by suction or syringing or by cotton swab … View thread »

The following are the different antifungal agents that are used for various fungal infections ... Ciclopirox olamine 1% cream is used to treat fungal infections such as jock itch ... Also Tolbaftate 1% and Zinc undecylenate 10% are used against yeast infections … View thread »

I feel that I have some internal fungal or bacterial infection that shows up again and again in a cyclic manner ... It is a fungal infection and is very chronic in nature … View thread »

I have been diagnosed to have a fungal infection on my face and was suggested to use candid B cream when I was in primary school ... It is not exactly a fungal infectionView thread »

I got diagnosed with scabies and a fungal infection on the penis ... The fungal infection again came back last month at the tip of the penis even though I had no sexual contact … View thread »

If someone with a fungal infection swims in a pool, won't it spread to others through the water ... 2) Adequate chlorination (if sufficient chlorine is not added, there could be a chance of acquiring infection) … View thread »

Continue the application of antifungal cream which you have … View thread »


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