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Medical Advice on "Gynecomastia"

You have something called gynecomastia ... But, is it normal that in gynecomastia the tissue becomes hard and feel solid … View thread »

I have gynecomastia and no facial hair at all ... Your gynecomastia could resolve in a year or two naturally as some males do tend to have gynaecomastia in their late teens which normally resolve on its own by 21 to 23 years … View thread »

Drug-induced gynecomastia  ... Typically Phenothiazines and Butyrophenones cause gynecomastiaView thread »

... had the first time was hematoma or blood collection which was drained. Now, what you have is a seroma, which usually gets absorbed by the body in a couple of weeks. I would suggest you wait or if you want to confirm if it is a seroma or hematoma, you can get ... … View thread »

How can I reduce gynecomastia without surgery ... Gynecomastia during puberty of your age is normal … View thread »

But, I still get gynecomastia symptoms ... Gynecomastia could be due to a testosterone deficiency, thyroid disorder or adrenal insufficiency in your case … View thread »

I am having gynecomastia ... But, you need to undergo further tests like serum TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone), serum estradiol and serum prolactin for the evaluation of gynecomastiaView thread »

This is called gynecomastia which is quite common and needs treatment due to cosmetic reasons ... But, keep in mind that occasionally these tests appear within normal range which signifies your gynecomastia is physiological … View thread »

I have poor beard growth and chest hair so I suspect that it could be gynecomastia ... Can gynecomastia be tender and painful … View thread »

Most likely, you have gynecomastia which is common in young males ... The difference is gynecomastia has a disc felt under the nipple and usually painful … View thread »


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