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Medical Advice on "Hair Treatments"

The main culprit is dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which when increased, can cause shortening of hair growth cycle and also delay in new hair growth ... Different hairstyles and hair treatmentsView thread »

A majority of children (26 months or older) have hair loss problem and it can be frightening for parents ... As compared to adults, it is easier to treat or grow back hair in children once the underlying cause is known … View thread »

I am facing severe hairfall problem ... I can see the roots coming out with the hairView thread »

However, there will be a fall of more than 200-250 hair strands after shampooing which is absolutely normal ... Causes for Hair Fall: Lack of nutrition and iron deficiency ... 7) Hair Treatments: There are various therapies (like shiro abhyanga, shirodhara, shiro lepa, nasya, etc), medicaments, hair growth supplements (like triphala, swamala, etc), hair oils in ayurveda for prevention of hair fall, premature gray hair, dandruff and to get lengthy, thick, lustrous hairView thread »

 The following are my observations, The hair transplant surgeon removes small groups of hair follicle containing skin from areas where there is normal hair growth … View thread »

From your photos (attachment removed to protect patient identity), I can see that you have grade 7 baldness with limited donor hair ... But, you have also got small, thinned-out hair in the hair loss area … View thread »

I have read somewhere that laser comb helps regrow hair on the scalp ... There are laser combs, which claim hair regrowth … View thread »

I am suffering from hair fall ... It is very normal for around 100 hairs to fall each day … View thread »

Many young adults have been complaining about hair loss issues ... Some of them complain about genetic or hereditary kind of hair loss, while some of them complain hair fall after the use of certain medications or due to some external factors like change in weather, change in water, etc ... Following are the most commonly prescribed treatments for hair loss or alopecia: 1) Arnica Mother Tincture: Arnica mother tincture is not the most individualistic solution for the alopecia … View thread »

I am losing a lot of hair on the left ... The hair loss has been since there since five to six years … View thread »


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