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Medical Advice on "Hematoma"

Thin rim of subdural hematoma is seen along the lateral convexity of the left cerebellar hemisphere with maximal thickness measuring about 4 mm … View thread »

So my question would be do you think a subdural hematoma would be involved or perhaps just a continuing recovery of the original head trauma … View thread »

Hematomas are solved conservatively and only in severe cases when they give compression of an organ are resolved surgically ... First, you have to find out the cause of hematoma if it is not trauma … View thread »

That time, I was left with a small hole in the skull after extradural hematoma evacuation ... If you have recovered from the initial injury, extradural hematoma has a very good outcome and there is almost zero chance that you will have delayed sequel … View thread »

What you had the first time was hematoma or blood collection which was drained ... I would suggest you wait or if you want to confirm if it is a seroma or hematoma, you can get an ultrasound scan … View thread »

Those black spots witnessed following injury are bruises or hematoma that occurs due to bleeding into the tissue under the skin … View thread »

This hardness you are talking about is most likely a hematoma (collection of blood) … View thread »

Having blood spots over the skin is a sign of the hematoma (blood collection), which could be the cause of soft tissue injury in that area … View thread »

I have gone through your post, it is expected because some amount of hematoma is expected at the site of muscle repair and should not be a reason for worry … View thread »


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