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Medical Advice on "High Blood Pressure"

Hypertension means the pressure of the blood inside the blood vessels is higher than what it should be ... A blood pressure (BP) of more than 139/89 mmHg is regarded to be higher than normal range … View thread »

Can high blood pressure be the reason for this bloody mucus from the throat ... I am glad that despite very high blood pressure you have ended up having only minor bleeding, which I believe, was a warning sign ... I went to the ER, and the blood pressure was 190/110 ... The doctors told the bleeding had to do with the blood pressure as the bleeding stopped as soon as blood pressure reducing pills were given orally … View thread »

Also, high bp can also cause low heart rate by a reflex mechanism ... At the time of ECG, my blood pressure was 168/100 and heart beat 46 … View thread »

My parents and a few other relatives had high BP ... Your BP readings are definitely on the higher side ... Initially, you should get evaluated for high BP (blood pressure) ... You need to have other investigations like ABPM (ambulatory blood pressure monitoring), echocardiography, serum creatinine, serum electrolytes, and TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) … View thread »

This is due to high blood pressure ... Her uric acid levels are not that much high to cause issues ... Her blood pressure is 180/90 mmHg … View thread »

I recently did a test at home measuring my blood pressure before and after exercise using an Omron M3 comfort blood pressure monitor ... My blood pressure before exercising was 114/84 mmHg, and my heart rate was 71 … View thread »

Recently, I have high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and I have shortness of breath … View thread »

My blood pressure is on a higher side with readings around 150/90 always ... Now, I have been referred to a cardiologist by my psychiatrist for further investigations for high blood pressure ... I am currently on medication for depression and blood pressure and have been prescribed Nexito Forte, Skizoril 125 mg for depression and Nexovas 10 mg and Nebimac 5 mg for BP by my psychiatrist … View thread »

A person who is suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) can donate blood ... I respect your concern on blood donation ... provided his blood pressure is normal at the time of blood donation and he must not be suffering from other associated untreated comorbidities … View thread »

He has never had high blood pressure before this but has had general anxiety daily for a long time ... Your boyfriend is having issues with high blood pressure because  ... His blood pressure was 160/90 mmHg … View thread »


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