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Hiv Risk Factors

About "Hiv Risk Factors"

There are certain acts and sexual behaviors that put you at a higher risk of contracting HIV. Knowing which factors increase your risk, is important in developing a strategy to protect yourself from HIV now and in the future.

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Recently Answered Questions

... query, it is not contaminated with clots. It has three possible scenarios: The laboratory technician is not skilled. So, had a problem to identify the course of the vein. The veins used for blood collection are not always straight. The technician ... … Read More »

... minute touch of an infected vagina can spread STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). As partner status is unknown and has high-risk factors, it is better to use prophylactic treatment. Secondly, pain in armpit has almost no relation to STD. It is probably myalgia ... … Read More »

... understand your concern. Do not worry, I will solve your doubt. After around one year almost any test can rule out HIV conclusively. So rapid test is reliable and no need for further testing. But still, you have investigated with chemilumiscence test that gives ... … Read More »

... not appear to be hairy cell leukoplakia. It appears like a normal ulceration or papule only. I suggest applying Triamcinolone ointment over it twice daily and observe if it goes down. Eat a healthy diet rich in folic acid and all other vitamins. Take plenty ... … Read More »

... my practice, I have couples who are serodiscordant and still remain negative even after unprotected sexual activity and even they would not use PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis). The reason is, sexual transmission has the least chance of acquiring HIV comparing ... … Read More »

... not worry. Doctors never touch anything with gloved hands before touching you. And, even if she did touch the stain, it is less likely that you will get an STD (sexually transmitted disease). For more information consult an internal medicine physician online ... … Read More »

... HIV is impossible through oral sex. Saliva cannot cause the transmission of HIV. But, other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) like herpes or HPV (human papillomavirus) or candida can spread through oral sex. But, a sore throat is not a presenting ... … Read More »

... noted your concern. Perhaps your question was not completely typed. Anyways, your PEP regime of Tenofovir/Emtricitabine and Dolutegravir is recommended one. Continue with it for 28 days. As far as the HIV PCR RNA test is concerned it is not a reliable test ... … Read More »

... aware of the HIV status of your partner? A raw wound (gums after cleaning) can contract an infection. Even though the vaginal area is dry, there is always some fluid discharge from that place. You can get a blood test for STD (sexually transmitted disease) panel ... … Read More »

... not related to HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and probably caused by infected teeth as HIV infection takes approximately six months to one year to get lymphadenopathy. Get HIV test after 45 to 90 days with generation four dual tests or western ... … Read More »


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