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Medical Advice on "Hiv Risk Factors"

Now I fear about HIV because there is high risk and I want to marry another girl … View thread »

Basically, I do not have risk factors for oral cancer ... But I did not engage in a risky sexual activity until three months ago when I started dating my current boyfriend whom I live with … View thread »

So, if she mistakenly touched the stain, before inserting her finger into my vagina, am I at a risk of getting an STD, if that stain was from a person with an STD … View thread »

The risk per act of unprotected vaginal intercourse with an HIV positive female is estimated to be 004 % (1 in 2500) ... The risk per act of unprotected anal intercourse for an insertive partner varies from 011 % or 1 in 909 (circumcised) to 062 % or 1 in 161 (uncircumcised) … View thread »

... been no STD (sexually transmitted disease) identified which can spread through such modes. So, I do not think you need to worry. STD, as the words define, spread by sexual activities and sometimes from mother to fetus. They do not spread through touching ... … View thread »

There is a negligible risk of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)  ... The risk is more if the person had oral sores or bleeding gums … View thread »

... tests which you had undergone for HIV diagnosis are highly sensitive and specific and gives accurate results. It is really good that your test result is negative, which had been done under varying time periods. The p24 combo is a highly sensitive and ... … View thread »

... leukocyte antigen) person will be able to produce antibodies against HIV-1 (human immunodeficiency virus). This is true for all clades. The immunogenic response is known to be somewhat greater in clade C due to a higher ... … View thread »

Moreover having sex with a single partner who has sex only with you is not associated with any risk of HIVView thread »

... viewed the report (attachment removed to protect patient identity). You are negative for HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). There is nothing to worry. Continue with your diabetes medication. Good luck. For more information consult a dermatologist online --> ... … View thread »


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