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Medical Advice on "Hiv Testing"

I have gone through your query and have noted your concern. HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) antibody screening test is highly sensitive at four weeks and thereafter. It accurately detects a majority (95 % sensitivity) of HIV-infected patients. However, in case of a … View thread »

Let me answer your queries one by one. No, you are talking about the case of extreme rarity and you have tested enough to prove yourself negative. Your girlfriend has no chance to get acquire HIV. These are the most accurate test available and detect both antigen and … View thread »

You are not paranoid, but genius. Yes, anything in the blood may change the results, and that is why we advise sterile things. But, test results if positive never shows negative. HIV virus persists till it is in any wet medium. If blood dried, then no HIV virus persist … View thread »

 I have read your query in detail and do understand your concern. The conditions you have mentioned are not the risk factors for acquiring an HIV infection. The risk is there only if a drop of some HIV positive person's blood from the gun was transferred directly into … View thread »

The test which you underwent at three months is highly conclusive. But as far as retesting at six months is concerned, here is your answer.The majority of people who are infected with HIV will have a detectable level of anti-HIV antibodies at two to eight weeks following … View thread »

Please share with me if you have been having abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Also, please let me know if you have the similar symptoms when you eat yogurt and cheese. I think you are having lactose intolerance. That is causing malabsorption of the important … View thread »

Western blot is highly sensitive and specific test, which is run after a repeatedly reactive ELISA or HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) rapid test. Western blot test is not used as a diagnostic test in the absence of an initial positive screening test, due to the … View thread »

I have noted your concern. After an indeterminate or weakly positive HIV screening test (usually due to cross-reacting antibodies), the second confirmatory test should be a different, yet more specific test, such as western blot. Western blot is 99.9 % specific, which … View thread »

With whom did you have unprotected sex? Is there a possibility of HIV in the partner? When did you have a sex? (if it is within 12 hours from now, then you can have a post-exposure prophylaxis as well. Its also better to get your partner tested if possible. … View thread »

Let me answer one by one. Yes, ELISA is highly reliable (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay). It has got the sensitivity of 99.97% after three months of exposure, which means out of 10,000 HIV positive people it can rightly level 9,997 people as HIV positive. There is no … View thread »


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