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Medical Advice on "How To Lose Weight"

The magnitude of this problem is always underestimated as most of the times it is the complications of overweight that brings the patient to medical attention … View thread »

 I have been on a protein diet recently, as I am trying to lose some weight, kindly consider this before giving an opinion … View thread »

How to lose weight ...  This was the only closest I could get ... I have weight issues from a couple of years ... I have an appetite of a lion, but I tend to limit my food intake at a minimum, to keep my weight under control … View thread »

People who are well-fed have more chance of weight gain and insulin resistance which increases the risk of Diabetes ... Weight loss with prevention of lean mass … View thread »

 I am planning to start paleo diet to reduce my weight and before starting the diet, I got a blood test done ... Which is good for your weight maintenance … View thread »

Remain physically active and control your diet inputs to lower the weightView thread »

If you still did not lose weight, then we need to investigate for other causes of weight gain especially adrenal problems ... Also I continue to gain weight ... My problem is also related to obesity and continued weight gain … View thread »

I want to lose my weight ... You must do diet and exercise to reduce your weight and cholesterol as well … View thread »

This is absolutely not a good way to lose 10 kg in 10 days ... ideal for weight management, but we need also other food items to maintain weight like fruits, vegetables, cereals, dals, water, etc … View thread »

Can you suggest me diet plan to lose weight with consideration of my gastric problem … View thread »


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