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Medical Advice on "Hypertrophic Scar"

It seems you have developed hypertrophic scar or lichen simplex chronicus ... It seems you have developed hypertrophic burn scars ... Please find the attached pictures of the scar on my thumb … View thread »

I had undergone a scar revision surgery four years back but, no improvement was seen ... But do not expect complete removal of the scarView thread »

it is just the hypertrophic scar (raised scar due to excess collagen deposits) … View thread »

This is the most common site for hypertrophic scar ... Intralesional steroid injection is the treatment of choice for hypertrophic scarView thread »

Involuntary frowning causes lines to run through the scar, can this be causing problems ... I am using a vitamin C and silicone scar cream to attempt better removal of hyperpigmentation … View thread »

Hypertrophic: In this type, the heart muscles thicken ... Arrhythmogenic: The muscles of the right ventricle are replaced by a scar tissue … View thread »

... help you understand your report point by point. Deviated nasal septum means the midline partition dividing your nose into two cavities is not straight. It is deviated to the left side. Inferior turbinate is a small curved bone in the side of the nasal cavity. ... … View thread »

... all, let me tell you a few things. CT scan shows soft tissue density based on which we predict the underlying disease correlating clinically. Ideally, the patient is assessed clinically and CT is advised to arrive at a diagnosis or probable diagnosis. On the ... … View thread »

... with contrast should be able to differentiate between both. If it is still not able to differentiate, then go for an MRI. If MRI is also not conclusive, then go for a percutaneous biopsy. A percutaneous biopsy will definitely differentiate between both. Then ... … View thread »

... scan of the prostate (attachment removed to protect patient identity) shows a grossly enlarged prostate which is indenting the lumen of the urinary bladder and which you are probably aware of. Further, the median lobe of the prostate is showing hypertrophy and ... … View thread »


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