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Medical Advice on "Importance Of Breastfeeding"

Importance of Breastfeeding: A new born healthy baby has to be started on exclusive breastfeeding as early as possible after birth and continued till 6 months of age … View thread »

... is absolutely alright. No worries. Following things are to be taken care. Baby should be exclusively breastfed. Ensure baby is passing urine adequately (five to eight times a day). Loose motions are normal in early days of life as it is a normal ... … View thread »

May I suggest: The best thing will be to continue breastfeeding until six months of age ... Give breastfeeding as a priority … View thread »

... age of five and a half months, a baby will sit only with support. Neck holding is attained only by three to six months. So, it is normal. About the feeding, the ideal time to switch to weaning foods is when the baby completes six months. Until then breast milk ... … View thread »

You can continue breastfeeding up to two to three years ... The best food is always homemade food along with breastfeedingView thread »

The success of breastfeeding involves the participation of both mother and baby ... I suggest you a few tips for a successful breastfeedingView thread »

I am not breastfeeding and there is no milk production any longer ... Firstly, after childbirth, there is bleeding in the form of lochia (normal uterus discharge after delivery), which is normal and usually lasts three weeks where the endometrium is shed Also, breastfeeding promotes early involution of the uterus … View thread »

Give exclusive breastfeeding to the baby until 6 months of age … View thread »

My sister suggested me to stop breastfeeding, so that he will start eating food … View thread »

Also, I am breastfeeding three to four times a day in between ... As I had cold and light fever I stopped breastfeeding for two days thinking it will also affect my baby … View thread »


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