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Medical Advice on "Improperly Aligned Teeth"

Improperly aligned teeth are said to be in malocclusion ... teeth are not in order … View thread »
Hello doctor, My daughter is 5 years old and recently started making teeth clattering noise during sleep at night ... Please note that there is no relation between teeth clattering and deworming … View thread »
Hello doctor, My upper and lower jaw teeth are misaligned ... There is 8mm of midline space in the upper front teethView thread »
Hello doctor, Why do people fix midline misalignment of teeth (the middle of upper and lower teeth do not line up), apart from appearance as the factor … View thread »
The various methods to obtain properly aligned teeth include braces, accelerated orthodontics, veneers, retainers & ... In case you are more than 50 years old and have loose teeth, your malaligned teeth can be extracted and replaced with artificial teeth ... I want straight teethView thread »
My teeth are yellow from childhood (from 10 years of age) ... A black layer is formed at the backside of teethView thread »
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