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Medical Advice on "Improperly Aligned Teeth"

Improperly aligned teeth are said to be in malocclusion. They cause problems like difficulty in breathing, speech, eating and might cause dental cavities also. So, orthodontic intervention is necessary. Depending upon the severity of the malocclusion, … View thread »

I have gone through your query, attached file (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and can understand your concern regarding dental health. The gap which is present in your lower left side is very small and can be closed by wearing fixed retainer for 6 to 12 … View thread »

Please note that there is no relation between teeth clattering and deworming. I would rather get her teeth examined to know if there are any dental caries or any malpositioning issues. These are some of the causes for the child to feel some sort of irritation in the … View thread »

It would have been better if you had mentioned your age. If you have 8mm of midline diastema (space between the teeth), you usually require orthodontic braces for correction of the spacing. Such treatment goes on for around 1 year or so. Sometimes we may also need to … View thread »

  I have viewed the pictures (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Apart from esthetics there is no other need for the midline alignment of teeth. You can leave it as such if you do not have any functional abnormalities. If the lower front teeth are … View thread »

I can understand your state of confusion. I have seen the x-ray (attachment removed to protect patient identity). It can be quite difficult to decide. So, I will give you information about both line of orthodontic treatments and the reason behind them. Your son has mild … View thread »

When treating with braces, it is usually a good practice to put them on both arches, upper and lower despite the apparent need for minor changes or few teeth in one arch. This is because as the teeth are aligned and moved in one arch, their relative position changes with … View thread »

I can understand your concern regarding your daughter's dental health. First of all, I would like to advise you to consult good orthodontist for the diagnosis of the crooked tooth and needful treatment of the same teeth by taking the x-ray of the same tooth. If the baby … View thread »

Crossbite can occur in the front teeth as well as back teeth or even sometimes due to variation in the jaw development. Also, the severity of cross bite that is, the number of teeth involved depends on the success of the treatment.Only a removable appliance could not be … View thread »

The various methods to obtain properly aligned teeth include braces, accelerated orthodontics, veneers, retainers & few others. The suitable method for you can be decided by knowing your age, teeth alignment, gum and jaw bone condition, any parafunctional habits like … View thread »

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