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Medical Advice on "Improperly Aligned Teeth"

Improperly aligned teeth are said to be in malocclusion ... teeth are not in order … View thread »
Hi doctor, I am 23 years old and very self-conscious about my teeth ... I had braces as a teenager, but they were taken off early, and now my teeth are shifting … View thread »
Hello doctor, My daughter is 5 years old and recently started making teeth clattering noise during sleep at night ... Please note that there is no relation between teeth clattering and deworming … View thread »
Hello doctor, My upper and lower jaw teeth are misaligned ... There is 8mm of midline space in the upper front teethView thread »
Hello doctor, Why do people fix midline misalignment of teeth (the middle of upper and lower teeth do not line up), apart from appearance as the factor … View thread »
Hello doctor, My son has crowded upper and lower teeth ... One said we do not need to remove any teeth, however, his upper teeth will come little forward and will not cause much deformation in his face … View thread »
This is because as the teeth are aligned and moved in one arch, their relative position changes with respect to the other arch ... Hi doctor, I have been wearing braces on my upper teeth for two years to fix the gap due to the extraction of an extra teeth between my incisors … View thread »
She has crooked bottom teeth and overbite ... Otherwise, her teeth are fine … View thread »
Crossbite can occur in the front teeth as well as back teeth or even sometimes due to variation in the jaw development ...  Also, the severity of cross bite that is, the number of teeth involved depends on the success of the treatment … View thread »
The various methods to obtain properly aligned teeth include braces, accelerated orthodontics, veneers, retainers & ... In case you are more than 50 years old and have loose teeth, your malaligned teeth can be extracted and replaced with artificial teeth ... I want straight teethView thread »
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