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Having the perfect skin is everyone's dream. But due to current lifestyle, pollution and diet, we all have blemishes and uneven skin tones which we would like to even out. There are beauty creams, laser treatments, chemical peels as well as natural remedies you can try to improve skin tone.

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Recently Answered Questions

Can I use Rejuglow Gel for skin whitening. I have very tanned skin. Give me suggestions.
Query: Hello, I am a 22 year old, male. I have a very sensitive skin, even after using sunscreens, it is tanned. Suggest me any skin whitening pills.  Read Full »
Dr. Kalpana Pathak

Answer: Hi, Thanks for writing to us. As such there are no skin whitening pills. Glutathione pills are marketed as skin whitening pill, but its use is not recommended by doctors. It is essential to know how you use your sunscreen. Sunscreens with SPF 30 are good for regular use. Sunscreen should be a...  Read Full »
Ways to Prevent Skin Pigmentation Disorders
Article Overview: Human skin color is due to melanin present in the skin, which is a brown color pigment present inside melanocytes. Different races have different amounts of pigment in them.  Read Article »
Dr. Rabia

Human skin color is due to melanin present in the skin, which is a brown color pigment present inside melanocytes. Different races have different amounts of pigment in them. Apart from melanin, other substances like carotene and hemoglobin also impart color to the skin. According to the skin color, ...  Read Article »
Please suggest products to improve the skin color of a 3 month old.
Query: Hi doctor, Please suggest a good soap, lotion, or massage oil to improve the color. She is 3 months old. I already tried using pigeon soap, pigeon lotion, tedibar, Cetaphil lotion, olive oil.  Read Full »
Dr. Baratu Bhaisara

Answer: Hello, Welcome to As per evidence-based medicine, there is no such product which can improve color. In fact, it is not advisable to use any product which can or have an effect on skin color. For massage, any oil which suits the baby (coconut oil, olive oil) will do. The baby regains...  Read Full »
Will using Restreta tablet for three months cause hormonal imbalance?
Query: Hello doctor, I am a 23 year old girl. I have very dry and dull skin. My dermatologist recommended me to use Restreta tablet for improving my complexion. I have to take it twice in a day before a meal. I want to know whether there will be any hormonal imbalance because of this tablet. Is it safe fo...  Read Full »
Dr. Sangeeth Kumar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Restreta (Glutathione, Collagen, and L-cysteine) contains Glutathione which is an antioxidant. It effectively prevents melanin synthesis in the skin which helps in skin lightening. It is available in oral and injection form. Oral capsules do not produce much of a cha...  Read Full »
Please guide me with a homeopathy treatment for dull skin.
Query: Hi doctor, The days when I use moisturizer or face wash, my facial skin use to glow. But, if I did not use it for five to six days then my skin would become very dull even without skin exposure. And so, I used them daily. Now for about two months I just stopped applying anything on my face, so my fa...  Read Full »
Dr. Shilpa Sharma
Homeopathic Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Fairness creams are just the temporary things and will not give the long-term results. Darkening of skin when exposed to many cosmetics tends to suffer and also reacts more to the sun. As face is one of the exposed parts to sun, it usually appears darker than the rest of ...  Read Full »
How to treat my dark upper arms?
Query: Hi doctor, I am a 26 year old female. My upper arms are so dark and I also have some small sand like bums. I noticed this since I was 15 years old. As my skin is quite fair, it looks obvious. Please suggest me some advice.  Read Full »
Dr. Bharatesh Devendra Basti

Answer: Hello,  Welcome to It may be amyloidosis (protein accumulation as insoluble fibres in tissues). For better clarification send me a few clear photos. Please do not use any puming stone or rub the skin harshly as it may cause such lesions. Use gentle soap and avoid friction. I suggest...  Read Full »
Can Facial Massage Improve One's Look?
Article Overview: This article discusses about facial massage, its uses and various techniques.  Read Article »
Dr. Suvash Sahu

Facial massage is a soothing and relaxing procedure, with both physical and psychological benefits in the modern society name as facial. It is good for skin and it delays the skin aging. In this procedure, facial skin is subjected to cleansing, steaming, massaging, toning, moisturizing, etc., i ...  Read Article »
How safe is it to use Glutathione capsules to improve skin complexion?
Query: Hello doctor, Is it safe to use Glutathione pills for skin whitening?  Read Full »
Dr. Bharatesh Devendra Basti

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Glutathione is used as a health supplement. It has good antioxidant properties. It prevents aging changes. It improves the immune system of the body. It is safe for adults of all age groups. Avoid intake of Glutathione pills if you develop sensitivity to it.  Read Full »
Role of Moisturizer in Various Skin Illnesses
Article Overview: As there is increasing trend of dryness related problems, in this article we focus on the knowledge and use of moisturizers.  Read Article »
Dr. Suvash Sahu

Dryness of the skin is mainly due to reduced water content of the superficial layer of skin. Usually water gets lost due to evaporation and so maintenance of water content is dependent on the lipid and natural moisturizing factor in the superficial layer of skin. Natural moisturizing factor of super ...  Read Article »
My face is looking very uneven after laser treatment. Is it hypopigmentation?
Query: Hello doctor, I had taken 3 peel and 3 lasers (Q-switching) for skin lightening. I have dark skin. After the treatment my cheeks have become very fair and it does not get tanned also. However the rest of the face is still dark. It has developed after the Q-switching session. I want to know is this h...  Read Full »
Dr. Atishay Bukharia
Cosmetologist, Dermatologist, Family Physician, General Practitioner, HIV AIDS Specialist, Plastic Surgeon, Venereologist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It is post-inflammatory hypopigmentation. In most cases it is temporary and will automatically revert back to normal in few weeks and sometimes in few months. Do not intentionally go for sun exposure as it may worsen your condition. Which peel did they use? Wh...  Read Full »


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