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Inactivated Vaccine

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Recently Answered Questions

... vaccinate the baby with the Vaxigrip (inactivated influenza) vaccine for swine flu, two weeks before the travel. Prevent the child from coming into contact with many people at a time. For further queries consult a child health specialist online --> ... … Read More »

... understand your concern. According to the latest vaccination guidelines, the whole-cell vaccine is preferred over the purified-cell vaccine. The whole-cell vaccine is painful, but it is now the recommended vaccine. I advise you to go for a whole-cell vaccine for DPT ... … Read More »

... new vaccines with better efficacy, and on the other hand, some people just choose to spread their wrong beliefs about vaccination. It results in increasing number of VPDs, that is, vaccine preventable diseases, in the world. It is long enough that someone addresses ... … Read More »

... drop of OPV (oral polio vaccine) should not cause him any problem. These are live attenuated vaccine and thus virus does not cause any illness. Case report of them are very rare and usually with faulty vaccine preparation. Also, this was his booster dose. It ... … Read More »

... your concern. Pulse polio dose is an extra dose other than the routine immunization. This dose (pulse polio) is given on specified dates in a calendar year through government agencies.This campaign aims towards eradication of polio. If your daughter ... … Read More »

... vaccine is a real threat in a pregnant state (mumps, measles and rubella). Yes, nobody could say you either continue or terminate the pregnancy. Just go through the details. If you wish to adopt the potential risk, then you can continue. For further information ... … Read More »


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