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Medical Advice on "Inactivated Vaccine"

You can vaccinate the baby with the Vaxigrip (inactivated influenza) vaccine for swine flu, two weeks before the travel … View thread »

According to the latest vaccination guidelines, the whole-cell vaccine is preferred over the purified-cell vaccine ... The whole-cell vaccine is painful, but it is now the recommended vaccineView thread »

There are articles, which try to explain the mechanism by which vaccines cause autism ... Autism is genetic, so please, stop humiliating autistic people with the vaccine associated myths … View thread »

Well, I am just surprised since you got IPV (inactivated polio vaccine) all through, why would you want to give OPV ... An extra drop of OPV (oral polio vaccine) should not cause him any problem ... These are live attenuated vaccine and thus virus does not cause any illness … View thread »

... your concern. Pulse polio dose is an extra dose other than the routine immunization. This dose (pulse polio) is given on specified dates in a calendar year through government agencies.This campaign aims towards eradication of polio. If your daughter ... … View thread »

This vaccine, though contain live rubella virus, but in a much inactivated form ... I had a fluoride treatment at the dentist and received an MMR booster vaccine ... The MMR vaccine is a real threat in a pregnant state (mumps, measles and rubella) … View thread »

So, this means only those who previously had chickenpox disease or the vaccine can get shingles ... Prevention Two vaccines are helpful here - Chickenpox (varicella) vaccine and shingles (varicella zoster) vaccineView thread »

Varicella vaccines are available as a combination and are part of the regular immunization schedule regime in most countries ... For non-vaccinated adults in close contact with infected children or adults, the vaccine can be given any time required … View thread »


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