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Medical Advice on "Irregular Periods"

Hi doctor,I am having irregular periods since six months ... As long as your periods are irregular ovulation will not be regular ... All these problems of periods are due to overweight … View thread »
Hi doctor, I have had a history of irregular periods and now I am failing to get pregnant ...  To highlight about my past, I started having my periods from the age of 14 and had irregular periods always … View thread »
I have thyroid and irregular period sometimes ... Irregular periods can not only be associated with thyroid but few other conditions too ... Check this time for your periodsView thread »
Hi doctor, Over past 3 months my periods have become irregular ... I understand that your periods are irregular and you have a feeling of incomplete evacuation of bowel ... I faced spotting between periods and had been detected with a submucosal fibroid of 2 cm … View thread »
Last month my period was irregular ... Irregular periods are not an alarming thing to worry about ... I got my periods on the 30th of last month and it was already 20 days later from the actual due ... Normally, my periods will occur in an interval on 40 to 45 days … View thread »
Dear Doctor, I am suffering from irregular periods ... Irregular periods and weight gain is a part of hypothyroid … View thread »
Hi doctor, I am having irregular periods ... Please help me with this irregular period issue ... Then, I had my normal periods on the 10th of this month … View thread »
She has irregular period and cyst ... Thus, it might cause some spotting, irregular cycle as well as there is a possibility of delayed cycle … View thread »
I had regular monthly periods, which will last for two to four days and usually very light … View thread »
She is suffering from irregular periods ... As I can presume, your sister is having cystic ovaries with irregular menstruation termed polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) ... She is taking Diane-35 to get regular periodsView thread »
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