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Medical Advice on "Itching"

Types of Itching: Tickle sensation, which is a more akin to touch ... Alloknesis is a more persistent itching provoked by mechanical stimulation … View thread »

4 out of 10 people have had some type of itching problem of the skin in their routine life ... What is ItchingView thread »

Earlier there was some redness, but now I think it is gone and itching has reduced and the feeling to rub the foreskin ... If your wife has a history of white discharge per vagina or itching then she should be examined before giving medications … View thread »

Since when do you have this itching ... Hello doctor,The itching started over two years now … View thread »

I also have some itching ... Also, very little itchingView thread »

Last night, just after washing my face with facewash, my skin got red patches in the morning and I have itching type sensation ... Irritation and itching on the face can be due to seborrheic dermatitis, polymorphous light eruption, irritant contact dermatitis, and many more … View thread »

The weird thing is that when these first came about, the itching also stopped, and I have no other symptoms such as discharge, burning while urinating, or other health issues … View thread »

... to be having a fungal infection of the area. I have seen both the photos you sent me (attachment removed to protect patient identity). If you were to come to me for a consult, I would give you the following advice. Sertaconazole (Onabet) ointment for ... … View thread »

When I urinate, the itching gets increased and after urination, it subsides ... I feel more itching on the skin that covers the penis head … View thread »

... gone through your query. I would like to know a few more details too. How is your urine stream? Do you have to wake up at night to pass urine? Do you have diabetes? The most possible reason would be either a urinary tract infection or infection at the ... … View thread »


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