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Medical Advice on "Laser"

Some of the lasers have also been found to be effective in reducing active acne ... The laser is also useful in improving acne scars … View thread »

... of the fastest evolving areas in medical technology. It comes under the broad category of esthetic surgeries and has come a long way since its conception. In this article, I try my best to answer the commonly asked questions from patients interested in refractive surgery ... … View thread »

I would like to ask your opinion about laser hair removal ... I am thinking about doing laser removal of hairs in private parts and under shoulders … View thread »

Thank you doctor, Can it be due to the laser surgery ... Yes, one of the adverse effects of the laser surgery is dry eyes … View thread »

I also consulted a laser eye surgeon ... Laser treatment is more preferable, but I got to know that the patients of my age are not treatable by means of laser procedure … View thread »

Are chemical peels, lasers, and dermarollers safe ... For scars, you can go for any of the treatments ranging from peels, micro-needling (dermarollers) or lasers … View thread »

LASER treatment is almost not done nowadays as it can cause local complications including narrowing of the anal canal … View thread »

I have read somewhere that laser comb helps regrow hair on the scalp ... Is it worth buying the laser comb … View thread »

I got them removed three months ago by a dermatologist with CO2 laserView thread »

Lasers have been widely used in dermatology and general medicine for the last 30 years ... No single laser system is capable of treating all cutaneous lesions and search for the perfect system still persists … View thread »


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