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Medical Advice on "Lifestyle Modification"

... the fact that, treating a sleep disorder by good sleep hygiene, or practicing good sleep habits is as effective as medicinal treatment with less chances of side effects ... … View thread »

There is no substitute to drugs/medications to keep blood pressure levels under control in a hypertensive patient and to prevent dangerous complications of untreated hypertension, but with slight modificatiins in your lifestyle you can control and lower down the raised levels of your blood pressure which will in turn do wonders to your health ... Lifestyle Modifications:  1 … View thread »

Exercise: Today's lifestyle includes very little physical activities, and this is mainly true in the urban areas compared to rural, which leads to weight gain … View thread »

This will improve your confidence, lead to an exchange of ideas, and allow you to know more about lifestyle issues of the people around you … View thread »

... good to know that you are aware of lifestyle modification for controlling BP. Medicines are not the only treatment for hypertension. Following lifestyle modifications can be tried. Reduce your weight to BMI (body mass index) less than 25. Decrease ... … View thread »

These patients should be tried with lifestyle modification for at least three months before starting medications ... Great importance is being given to lifestyle modifications, because of definite benefits observed in patients who follow this … View thread »

Important Facts Regarding Human Diet and Lifestyle: Too much meat (high amounts of proteins) may make the bones and teeth weaker in addition to overwhelming the excretory processes of the kidneys as it produces the organic acids and kidneys have to excrete all that acid … View thread »

The recommended treatment is with proton pump inhibitors for a duration of 3 to 6 weeks in addition to a few important lifestyle modifications such as:  Reduce or avoid the intake of spicy food and fried items … View thread »

The easiest and cheapest way for you to get healthy is by lifestyle modification such as diet and exercise … View thread »

Yes, at that time there was actually a need to start medicines and this requires lifestyle modification followed by gradual tapering of drugs and stopping them if lifestyle modifications continue and BP and anxiety levels are under control … View thread »


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