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Medical Advice on "Loose Stool"

After giving Augmentin, she is having loose stool almost 10 times a day, watery with mucus ... 2) Now your baby had loose stool with mucous and pain in abdomen … View thread »
He suddenly got a severe stomach ache and passed loose stools ... The loose stools shift the diagnosis towards gastroenteritis … View thread »
 Our main issue right now is loose stools with some fecal incontinence ... When she has loose stools, she is very weak and can hardly stand or walk ...  When her stools are normal, she has good energy and cognitive function … View thread »
She went to the toilet and had loose stool, not exactly watery but loose ... Stomach ache, nausea and loose stools could be due to acute gastroenteritis, food poisoning or stomach upset … View thread »
Loose stool along with increased frequency of stool (6 to7 times per day), mucus and occasional episodes of bleeding suggest inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease) involving large intestine ... Hi doctor, When I am using the restroom, I saw bloody mucus in my stool ... Recently, I suffered with diarrhea and black stools … View thread »
Your mother has the stomach irritation and loose stools due to the medicines she had taken ...  During the infection period and now she has been having an urge to go to the toilet quite often and some irritation while passing the stools too … View thread »
If no loose stools are happening at present, this is a nappy rash ... She feels irritated while passing stools … View thread »
In gastroenteritis, the mucosa of the intestine is severely inflamed causing symptoms like loose stools, indigestion, and vomiting ... Imodium (Loperamide) 4 mg stat dose can be taken to stop loose stools ... Stool test for bacterial or protozoal infection … View thread »
Last night, I got stomach pain and stools are very loose ... These loose stools are probably due to imbalance in gut bacteria and these things happen with pancreas problem also ... The stool floats and dark brown in color … View thread »
If you have increased frequency of stool, loose stool and mucus in stool, then there might be possible Crohn's disease ... Please explain if you have any other symptoms, bowel habits (constipation or diarrhea), consistency of stool, blood or mucus in stool, appetite and fever … View thread »
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