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Medical Advice on "Low Fat Diet"

Take a high-fiber, low-fat diet with enough proteins … View thread »

Yes, you should be started on statins preferably Atorvastatin 10 mg at bedtime and also low fat diet and regular exercise for 30 minutes daily … View thread »

I request you to suggest a complete diet chart for her to recover back and for weight control ... Please suggest a vegetarian dietView thread »

Do I need a drastic change in my diet ... Follow a low-fat diet by avoiding fried food, cooking oils, and fast food … View thread »

Please suggest the diet and precautions ... The diet includes high protein, low salt and low fat dietView thread »

Please suggest a low-carb high-fat vegetarian diet ... General suggestions as follows: Include almonds and flaxseeds daily in your dietView thread »

Take a low-fat diet ... Take a low protein diet for the same … View thread »

Take a low-fat diet and avoid junk food … View thread »


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