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Inability to conceive a child might be due to low sperm count, abnormal sperm function, or any blockage in the duct that delivers sperm. An infertile man has symptoms like erectile dysfunction, pain or swelling in the testicular region, frequent respiratory infections, gynecomastia, less body hair, etc.

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Causes of Male Infertility
Article Overview: This article tells the various reasons for male infertility.  Read Article »
Dr. Duraisamy Palanisamy

In about 35 to 52 percent of childless couples, the male partner is the cause for infertility. This percentage is increasing in number nowadays because of the changes in the lifestyle of most of the males. Many men consume alcohol occasionally, increased smoking rate among young people, physical in ...  Read Article »
Will varicocele in testicle cause male infertility?
Query: Hello doctor,I have pain in left testicle. So, my doctor sent me for an ultrasound and varicocele was observed. He said everything is fine and it will go with medications. The medications he gave me are Zenflox Oz, NAC-SR 100 and Pantogen 40. When I reached home, I started researching online about v...  Read Full »
Dr. Ashaq Hussain Parrey

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I went through your post. Well, there is about 4 % possibility of infertility in people with varicocele, but usually, it is seen in people with bilateral varicocele. So, I do not think you should worry. Just take meds. If you are still concerned, do a semen analysis...  Read Full »

How to increase sperm count?
Query: Hi doctor, My sperm count is low; it has dropped from 18 million to 3 million within a period of five months time. I have been diagnosed with bilateral varicocele. I have consulted three urologists. The first doctor advised me to go for ART (artificial reproductive technology) second one prescribed...  Read Full »
Dr. Gopinath

Answer: Hi, Welcome to After going through your report (attachment removed to protect patient identity), I am aware that you are suffering from severe oligozoospermia (oligospermia). After four days of abstinence, please repeat the semen analysis. Even after repeating the tests, if the sperm...  Read Full »
Kindly tell how serious is the low sperm motility issue based on semen analysis report.
Query: Hi doctor, Recently my husband had gone to semen analysis and doctor mentioned that he has low motility but not sure how serious is the issue. Here are the results of semen analysis volume 1 ml, the viscosity is normal, reaction alkaline liquefaction is 25, fructose is positive. Total sperm count i...  Read Full »
Dr. Sameer Kumar
Family Physician, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist, Infertility Specialist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Your husband is suffering from asthenoteratozoospermia where motility is very less and dead sperms are high, likely due to infection, yes. The life cycle of sperms is 120 days and hence at least three months of treatment is required with sperm energizers and antioxid...  Read Full »
I have PCOS with regular periods. Why am I not able to conceive?
Query: Hello doctor, I was diagnosed with PCOS at 16, but have had successful pregnancies (other things I had zero breast change and less than once a day of milk production). We have never used any form of birth control yet our youngest is now almost 5. We have been actively trying for almost two years no...  Read Full »
Dr. Sameer Kumar
Family Physician, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist, Infertility Specialist

Answer: Hello, Welcome to As I have learned that your last pregnancy was five years back and that your menses have been regular since last six months and you have been trying for last two years without any use of contraceptive practices to conceive. This qualifies for secondary infertility tr...  Read Full »
How to Prevent Infertility in Males?
Article Overview: Subfertility in males is on the rise. A number of environmental factors, lifestyle choices and habits are adding to the biological factors. By avoiding certain habits, situations, and lifestyle, a percentage of infertility/subfertility can be obviated.  Read Article »
Dr. Poosha Darbha

About 15 % of all couples trying to get pregnant realize they have difficulty in conceiving, despite trying for several months or even years. Problems with the male account for 50 % of all infertile cases. What Are the Main Causes of Male Infertility? The most important male factor that contribu ...  Read Article »
Testicle And Spermatic Cord Area Are Enlarged
Query: Hello Doctor, I am a 42 year old male. In my right testicle, I think spermatic cord is enlarged. I do not have any pain. The right testicle feels firm and spermatic cord feels hard.  Read Full »
Dr. Sameer Kumar
Family Physician, Obstetrician And Gynaecologist, Infertility Specialist

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You seem to have developed funiculitis which is inflammation of the spermatic cord. You will need a course of antibiotics. Please revert back with more details for further guidance.  Read Full »
Fertility: Homeopathic & natural supplements that help you conceive
Article Overview: This article discusses the homeopathic & natural supplements that help you conceive.  Read Article »
Dr. Theresa M. Gregory
Homeopathic Physician

When there are difficulties with conceiving, people pursue fertility treatments. These treatments can be very costly and stressful. But natural remedies are extremely effective and helpful. There are natural supplements which greatly aid in conception (fertilization). In spite of advanced maternal a ...  Read Article »



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