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Medical Advice on "Nebulization"

In brochiolitis, nebulization needs to be given for five to seven days ... In my opinion, your child needs antibiotics and nebulization with a repeat chest x-ray to see the extent of pneumonia … View thread »
You can continue nebulization, but be careful in future, if the cough does not subside in a week to ten days, or associated with fever or abnormal colored secretions or mucous, try consulting your physician … View thread »
Also, I suggest you to take nebulization with Asthalin which will ease the breathing … View thread »
We used to give him asthalin before, but now it is either Levolin or Budecort or a mixture of both for nebulization when wheezing is bad … View thread »
Nebulization should be given for three days ... Nebulization with Duolin - Ipratropium bromide and Levosalbutamol (1 respule) every 6 hourly, and Budecort - Budesonide (1 respule) every 12 hourly for 5 days … View thread »
Are you giving any other medication apart from nebulizationView thread »
He is right now on mild antibiotics and nebulizations ... Until then he can continue nebulization and his regular medications … View thread »
 If it is an asthmatic attack, then bronchodilator nebulization also might be needed … View thread »
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