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How to deal with nervousness and sleep trouble after sudden death of spouse?
Query: Dear doctor, My brother is suffering from nervousness, unknown fear, loss of concentration and no sleep during the whole night. He lost his wife four months ago due to sudden death. We have consulted a psychiatrist and he prescribed some medicines, but no relief yet. Give me suggestions.  Read Full »
Dr. Ashok Kumar Choudhary

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Your brother is probably suffering from complicated grief reaction or depression. Generally, medicines take some time to have a proper effect. If he has started the medicine in the last one week, then it is better to wait for a few more days.If he has already taken the...  Read Full »
Why am I getting constant nervousness along with dry nose and breathing diffculty?
Query: Hi doctor, I am suffering from constant nervousness. It is neither due to stress nor from panic or anxiety. I do get it once in every four years. Along with the nervousness, I get a dry nose, frequent burning of stomach and gas after having food. I think it makes my breathing uneasy. I cannot keep s...  Read Full »
Dr. Hitesh Kumar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I would like to know the feeling you are experiencing. What happens in that nervousness? What kind of thoughts intrude inside you that time? Do you feel nervous throughout of the days? What does exactly happen at every 4 year interval? The symptom of dry nose and breathing...  Read Full »
How can I manage nervousness and forgetfulness?
Query: Hello doctor,I am having a problem. I get nervous so fast and think a lot and worried all the time and I cannot remember things. I am also having fear of talking to people and I am losing weight and sometimes I cannot breathe. And also have (irritable bowel syndrome). I cannot live a happy life.  Read Full »
Dr. Anil Kumar Kumawat

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand and empathize how you feel in day-to-day activities. The more you have to understand is you have to face problem step by step, like if you have fear talking to people then start it with imagining them on call then with one person, two person and so on....  Read Full »
Work-Related Anxiety
Article Overview: Anxiety is a sensation of fear, worry or nervousness that can be related to anything. Workplace anxiety, as the name suggests, is related to your work and the surroundings.  Read Article »
Dr. Divya Banu M

Anxiety is a sensation of fear, worry or nervousness that is caused by anticipation of danger and can be related to anything. Workplace anxiety, as the name suggests, is related to your work. What causes it? Some of the common causes include performance stress and issues with colleagues. Even out ...  Read Article »
Is it advisable to do root canal treatment in a child under general anesthesia?
Query: Hi doctor, My son is 3 years old and has serious tooth decay. The doctor has suggested root canal treatment and that procedure will be done under general anesthesia. The whole procedure will take three hours of time as number of tooth is eight. My question is that is it safe to go through three ho...  Read Full »
Dr. Gaurav Pandey

Answer: Hello, Welcome to As a parent, I can understand your nervousness. First thing it is inhalational anesthesia and most commonly used in pediatric procedure, it means there is no use of any kind of drug for anesthesia. Only a gas mask placed on face and a balanced ratio of N2O (laughing g...  Read Full »
Can Piracetam and Ecosprin be taken together?
Query: Hello doctor, My mother aged 60 had a stroke 15 years back. Her doctor recommended Piracetam and Ecosprin 75. She took it for just six months after she stopped. Now, can she take both the tablets? Also, she has a nervousness in the left hand. What we do?  Read Full »
Dr. Aida Quka

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Yes, both these drugs can be taken concomitantly. Ecosprin (Aspirin) should be taken lifelong. Piracetam may be taken for a shorter period of time. Regarding the nervousness in her left hand, I would recommend consulting with the neurologist and performing an EEG to...  Read Full »
Can thyroid problem cause excessive hair fall?
Query: Hi doctor, I have thyroid issues for the past three years. I got this when I was pregnant. I am taking Thyronorm 75 mcg tablet for the last three months. Recently, I have done the thyroid test and my T3 and T4 are normal and TSH is very low. It shows less than 0.01. What does it indicate? First, I w...  Read Full »
Dr. Geeta Priyadarsini Kamminana
Internal Medicine Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to This appears to be due to over treatment or iatrogenic hyperthyroidism. Here is a list of symptoms experienced due to over treatment. They are tachycardia, palpitations, nervousness, tiredness, headache, excitability, sleeplessness, tremors, anxiety and heat intolerance. ...  Read Full »
Am I feeling nervous and tired because of smoking?
Query: Hi doctor, I started smoking four years ago, and now my smoking habit is continuous. Sometimes I feel very nervous and tired. I also have a headache. Is my symptom because of smoking?  Read Full »
Dr. Geethu Thomas
Family Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to The nicotine present in cigarettes causes blood vessels to narrow which will reduce the blood flow to the brain, triggering a headache. So, yes in a way, we can say that the smoking is causing these side effects. Now, coming to the nervousness and tiredness, recent studi...  Read Full »
When I try to masturbate or when I am thinking of it, I became very nervous. Why?
Query: Hello doctor, When I try to masturbate or when I am thinking of it, I became very nervous, and a little fainted. I do not know why.  Read Full »
Dr. Ohams Henry
General Practitioner, Family Physician

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Well, in this case, the jerk you had in your first experience is called ejaculation. I am sure you did not take any libido-enhancing drug cause that may also amplify the symptoms. And usually, there is adrenalin surge during ejaculation, which can cause a sudden incr...  Read Full »
Can Citalopram, Duromine and Panafcortelone be taken together?
Query: Hi doctor, I had mild depression five months back and overweight. Now blood pressure is high.My doctor has prescribed me to take Citalopram 20 mg, Duromine 40 mg and Idaprex 2. Also for the last 10 days, Panafcortelone 5 mg. From what I have read, the first three medications should not be taken tog...  Read Full »
Dr. Mayank Agarwal
Family Physician

Answer: Hi, Welcome to There is no drug interaction between Phentermine (Duromine) and Perindopril (Idaprex). Duroxime (for weight loss) can increase blood pressure which will be counteracted by Idaprex (for high blood pressure). There is no drug interaction between Citalopram (for depression...  Read Full »


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