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Medical Advice on "Osteoarthritis"

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis: The most common symptoms are, Deep achy joint pain exacerbated by excessive use ... This is the primary symptom of osteoarthritisView thread »

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint disorder which mainly affects geriatric age group causing immense discomfort in the form of pain with limitation of ambulation … View thread »

Osteoarthritis of The Knee Joint Produces: Bone wear leading to asymmetric shape and movements Weak ligaments, and Changes to articular cartilage and tears of the menisci … View thread »

I have looked online and read a bit about osteoarthritis and this seems to fit what I have been finding ... It does seem like osteoarthritis, but I would suggest ruling out rheumatological diseases as well and check vitamin D and repeat it … View thread »

Osteoarthritis occurs more frequently as we age, the common age group of onset being 40 to 50 years ... Osteoarthritis is referred to as degenerative joint diseases (DJD) … View thread »

Her bone mineral density revealed to scores of Osteopenia, and also Osteoarthritis ... It is a cartilage protective drug and will help her improve some of the pain in osteoarthritisView thread »

Osteoarthritis may be asymmetrically or symmetrically distributed and often localized to only one part of the joint ... Causes of Osteoarthritis: Age is the most common factor associated with OA … View thread »

After taking many x-rays, the doctor diagnosed him with osteoarthritis ... The knee shows osteoarthritisView thread »

When they occur at the distal interphalangeal joint, they are called Heberden's osteoarthritis ... Types of Osteoarthritis: 1 … View thread »

From that, I guess that mine is osteoarthritis ... Can the x-ray distinguish between rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritisView thread »


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