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Medical Advice on "Paracetamol"

Can she take Paracetamol, antibiotics, and Cetirizine ... For throat pain, Paracetamol 500 mg SOS can be prescribed … View thread »

Most of the time Paracetamol is not needed if body temperature is not crossing > ... Because of all this Paracetamol is used … View thread »

and Paracetamol after meals ... If none of these are available nearby, you can take simple Paracetamol 500 mg … View thread »

What if I have six tablets of 500 mg Paracetamol (Crocin advance) and seven tablets of 500 mg Mefenamic acid (Ponstan forte) at one go (within five minutes) … View thread »

Are uric acid medications and Paracetamol harmful to the  ... Paracetamol can be taken up to 3 g a day only if needed … View thread »

You can use Paracetamol ... If you are having a flu type of fever, that is, fever with the cold or itchy throat, then yes you can use it along with the ParacetamolView thread »

Then, he visited the hospital yesterday evening for Paracetamol poisoning ... N-acetylcysteine can neutralize NAPQI (N-Acetyl-p-benzoquinone imine) by itself, which is an active metabolite of Paracetamol causing the main damage … View thread »

We went to our local doctor and he prescribed Paracetamol and one another small tablet ... If both of you are trying to conceive, then for common cold you may opt for conservative management with Paracetamol tablets for fever and saline warm water gargling thrice a day and steam inhalation twice a day … View thread »

I had given 4 ml of 125 g Paracetamol syrup ... You can continue giving the 4 ml Paracetamol syrup, every four to six hours if there is a fever … View thread »

Can she take Paracetamol ... Paracetamol taken by the mother in the prescribed doses will not harm the baby … View thread »


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