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Medical Advice on "Paracetamol"

Very much impressed by your query. Yes as you said, fever is an immune response of the body to act as defense mechanism against infection. Most of the time Paracetamol is not needed if body temperature is not crossing >102 degree F. But any temperature >102 degree F … View thread »

You mentioned that you have the fever. You can use Paracetamol. You can take it up to three times a day and can stop if your temperature comes down. Now, coming to Cetirizine, it is used for allergy, cold, etc. If you are having a flu type of fever, that is, fever with … View thread »

More than 3.5 g of Acetaminophen can cause liver toxicity. But, one time dose should not cause too much harm. Technically, if it is more than two to four days, then the accumulative effect is dangerous. Since he went late, I doubt that he would have received the … View thread »

If both of you are trying to conceive, then for common cold you may opt for conservative management with Paracetamol tablets for fever and saline warm water gargling thrice a day and steam inhalation twice a day. Also increase her water intake to 12-15 glasses a day, … View thread »

You can continue giving the 4 ml Paracetamol syrup, every four to six hours if there is a fever. It will take an hour or two for the temperature to normalize. If fever is nearing 102 F, give Ibuprofen 70 mg. It is most likely to be a viral fever. So, if the baby is … View thread »

First of all, temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit is regarded as fever and not below that. Baby is supposed to be breastfed at all times. However, if the mother is suffering from a disease, it is advised for her to wear a mask and feed. Because, that is the route by … View thread »

If you indeed took 7 x 500mg crocin tablets which on the GSK website are paracetamol tablets, your total dose is 7X500mg = 3500mg of Paracetamol. The answer would depend on how heavy you are. Most of the time, the toxic dose is 200mg per kilogram. For example, if you are … View thread »

Crocin is a Paracetamol drug. Your friend has consumed 14 tablets of Paracetamol which is a very high dose. It can cause the following side effects: Nausea and vomiting. Diarrhea and abdominal pain. Low blood pressure and low blood glucose level. Headache and skin … View thread »

You can stop Piccan syrup (Paracetamol and Diphenhydramine) as of now. Regarding Vitamin C drops, it is better to consult your pediatrician regarding the same as per the condition prevailing in your country. Also, it is important to see if the temperature of the child is … View thread »

For fever you can give Paracetamol syrup every six hourly (7 ml of 120 mg per 5 ml solution). If still the temperature is more than 100, then you can also sponge the baby with normal water in between. I advise you to visit a child specialist if, The fever is of high … View thread »

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