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Medical Advice on "Poor Erection"

But I suffer from premature ejaculation and poor erection since 10 years ... In regard to the current medication, I would like to inform you that Parocen CR is one option for premature ejaculation but does not have any effect on weak erectionView thread »
Levosulpiride results in increased prolactin concentration and thus ultimately poor erection ... I am not able to get full erection ...  Even if I get full erection, I ejaculate very early … View thread »
Both these investigations will rule out any hormonal cause of the poor erection ...  I am attaching the laboratory test reports for your perusal, which do not show symptoms of poor erection ... Hi doctor, I am getting erection, but it gets disappear in a few seconds during intercourse ... I also feel that my erection is not 100% hard … View thread »
So, the reason for poor erection is psychological ... Please try to understand that the main reason for poor erection is psychological due to non-cooperation from your wife and not due to any potency related causes ... But, while having sex the erection goes off along with excitement ... For removing fatigues and to perform better, I started taking ayurvedic herbal medicine, but it did not help to do intercourse as my erection cannot sustain long … View thread »
Your anxiety can decrease your desire and cause loss of libido or poor erectionView thread »
Some supplements or herbal drugs like L-arginine and Yohimbine can also be utilised for poor erection ... I have been having trouble getting an erection, and it is affecting my relationship ... I am getting an erection, but it does not reach its full potential … View thread »
For the last few months, I am experiencing erection problems during intercourse and struggling to get the sperm out ... Increased prolactin will decrease erection and sexual desires … View thread »
... I have gone through your reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). As per your blood report, your cholesterol profile is above the upper limit. This might ... … View thread »
... treatment options are available for erectile dysfunction. Use vacuum pump. Penile oil. Penile platelet-rich plasma injection. Low-energy shock wave therapy. ... … View thread »
I am feeling difficult to get a good erection also … View thread »
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