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Medical Advice on "Poor Erection"

Before I proceed I would like to know the following important things: Dosage and duration of each medicine tried till date. Details of any medical illness such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiac illness, asthma among others. Do you get early morning erections? If … View thread »

I read your query and understand the concern expressed by you. In regard to the current medication, I would like to inform you that Parocen CR is one option for premature ejaculation but does not have any effect on weak erection. It can be said that in last three years a … View thread »

Poor erection in most individuals occurs due to psychological reasons. But sometimes hormonal issues, diabetes, hypertension also worsen the problem. Did you get yourself checked for serum testosterone, prolactin, and blood sugar levels? Do you have any other … View thread »

The drugs Levosulpiride and Flupentixol will cause side effects like reduced libido or erectile dysfunction. Levosulpiride results in increased prolactin concentration and thus ultimately poor erection. As you have stopped the medicines just a week back, it will take … View thread »

I hope your blood pressure and blood sugar levels are in the normal range. In a lot of patients with diabetes and hypertension, the main reason for poor erection is poor blood pressure and sugar control. If your blood sugar levels are not in the normal range then … View thread »

There is no specific grading of erection. If you are having erections, then in my opinion, there is no organic problem of your erection. To remove doubt, you can go for serum prolactin and testosterone. Both these investigations will rule out any hormonal cause of the … View thread »

You are getting a good erection during masturbation and also in the early morning, but during sex you are not able to penetrate and has erection loses. The history itself suggests that the cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological and not any organic cause. As … View thread »

I read your query and understand your concerns. First of all, I would like to inform you that there is no test to detect if one is a trans woman. It all depends on the attitude, orientation, sexual relationships, sexual response and body language. Considering the … View thread »

You are perfectly normal and there is no need of any medicines. Masturbation is a healthy way of satisfying your sexual desires and does not have any side effects. You can masturbate daily as semen is produced daily. You can still do twice weekly to maintain the normal … View thread »

Cialis is Tadalafil and is a PDE-5 inhibitor. Taking medicine in a dose of 10 to 20 mg on necessary basis about one hour before sex results in a firm erection. Taking the dose of 5 mg daily also help in maintaining the erection. But, the drug is a prescription drug, … View thread »


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