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Medical Advice on "Pregnancy"

Pregnancy weight gain is crucial, not only to provide sufficient nourishment to the baby but also to accumulate adequate reserves for breastfeeding … View thread »

... in a beautiful calendar using this tool. This tool also gives an idea as to how many weeks are yet to be completed for the infant. Isn't it a great tool ... … View thread »

I do not experience any signs of pregnancy except my breast is aching, abdominal pain, and missed period ... An initially positive pregnancy test that later becomes negative can happen with very early miscarriages … View thread »

It is the 39th day and I took a pregnancy test on the 38th day and it came out to be negative ... Although the chances are very less, you should rule out pregnancyView thread »

I went to the doctor, but the pregnancy blood test came back negative, and the home pregnancy tests are also negative ... Get a urine pregnancy test done, if not done recently … View thread »

 However, I have no symptom and all the pregnancy tests are negative ... In your case, if pregnancy test has been negative, even till date, then you are surely not pregnant … View thread »

Doctor recommended me not to continue with the pregnancy ... Shall I continue with the pregnancy or not … View thread »

I started feeling weird and having a few pregnancy like symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, headaches and my nose started to get sensitive ... I took two pregnancy tests and they were negative … View thread »

As the pregnancy test was positive had one tablet from MTP kit 15 days back ... If the bleeding does not ensue in next 48 hours then get an ultrasound pelvis done to reascertain an intrauterine pregnancy or whether it is an ectopic pregnancyView thread »

It is at this particular stage, the urine starts showing minute amounts of hCG (the pregnancy hormone) ... The presence of hCG in the urine is what determines the pregnancyView thread »


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