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Medical Advice on "Progesterone Cream"

Adrenal gland also produces some amount of progesterone ... During each year, the amount of progesterone production is falling and by the fifth or sixth decade of the life it gets totally diminished ... This hormone is mainly used for manufacturing of creams for increasing fertility process ... Abnormal blood coagulation or blood clotting is best prevented with progesterone creamView thread »

I developed a rash in high school after using pure Progesterone cream ... Since you already had an allergic reaction to pure Progesterone cream, it is a tough call … View thread »

I experienced an allergic reaction to a Progesterone cream when I applied to my face the same day … View thread »

I personally think a Progesterone cream is the best course of action, yet it interferes with the Clotrimazole, so I do not know what course of action to take … View thread »

For conceiving a baby, ovulation is the necessary process which is well regulated by the female hormones progesterone and estrogen ... Progesterone Creams: This is a hormonal cream mainly used for enhancing the process of fertility ... What Is the Cream Available for Fertility … View thread »

Unwanted 72 is a high dose of progesterone hormone, which is the same hormone produced in the body in the second half of period after ovulation ... Try applying Candiderma, Lobate GM, or Candid B (Clotrimazole and Betamethasone disproportionate) cream, also twice daily for seven days … View thread »

Mirena is an IUD (intrauterine device), and it releases hormone progesterone for over the years ... As you would have noted during the ovulation, the secretions become thin and watery, following which the secretions become thicker under the effect of progesterone ... As a solution, you can use some lubrication during sex or the estrogen cream a few hours before sex … View thread »

Currently, I am taking Synthyroid, Cytomel and Progesterone ... About one and half weeks back, the doctor prescribed me a cream that has Kojic acid 1%, Glycolic acid 5%, Betamethasone dipropionate 01% and Chamomile extract 5% … View thread »

The options given are hormones for life, Progesterone with three to four months checkup and follow ups and hysterectomy ... Progesterone is available in oral, injectable and intrauterine device forms ... Is there vaginal cream hormone medicine available … View thread »

FSH/LH ratio, progesterone are relatively helpful tests but not in diagnostic criteria now ... In females having severe abnormal growth with hyperandrogenism and total testosterone greater than 5 mmol/l, 17-hydroxyprogesterone is advised to rule out androgen secretory tumor ... Overcome hyperandrogenic syndrome Cosmetic laser, electrolyte treatment, waxing, threading, shaving, plucking, depilatory cream, topical facial Eflornithine (Vaniqua) help … View thread »


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