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Medical Advice on "Radiofrequency Procedures"

Radiofrequency devices cause localized or focal thermal damage to the dermis, so epidermis get preserved ... Since radiofrequency devices are not targeted to affect the epidermis, it may not impart all the visible changes expected by the patient … View thread »

... laser or RF (radio frequency) removal. No such creams and tablets are available and do not use any home remedy as it is only going to harm you. For more information consult a dermatologist online --> ... … View thread »

You have to go to a nearby dermatologist and get it removed by electrocautery or radiofrequency ... A dermatologist can remove it by electrocautery or radiofrequencyView thread »

You can get them removed by a dermatologist by a very small procedure called radiofrequencyView thread »

... fractional RF (radio-frequency) or laser resurfacing for further improvement. But do not expect complete removal of the scar. A scar once formed will remain forever. You cannot remove it completely. It can only be made less conspicuous at a visible ... … View thread »

Radiofrequency removal or CO2 laser (carbon dioxide laser) removal is effective if done thoroughly and multiple times ... I suggest trying Tretinoin 005 % daily at night, but radiofrequency cautery or CO2 laser are good options in your case … View thread »

If required, then locally destructive methods including radiofrequency cautery, excision, cryotherapy, or laser therapy may be used ... By radiofrequency cautery, it can be removed in a single sitting … View thread »

The best way to remove it electrocautery or radiofrequency ... So, I would suggest you to go local doctor and get it removed by simple proceduresView thread »

So, she underwent a radiofrequency ablation of Gasserian ganglion early this year ... Consider radiofrequency ablation or alcohol injection into the nerve again, if no relief is obtained by these drugs … View thread »


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