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Medical Advice on "Road Traffic Accidents"

I understand that the patient has been involved in an RTA (road traffic accident) and that there is a collection of fluid within the brain … View thread »

Is there any history of road traffic accident or legal issues under influence of alcohol ... He has not met with any accidentsView thread »

... read your query and saw the MRI report (attachment removed to protect patient identity). There is no doubt that your dad needs constant care and assistance in his daily living and no guarantee can be given regarding his recovery. However, many patients do ... … View thread »

... fractional RF (radio-frequency) or laser resurfacing for further improvement. But do not expect complete removal of the scar. A scar once formed will remain forever. You cannot remove it completely. It can only be made less conspicuous at a visible ... … View thread »

Accidents: Road traffic accidents are the single most common preventable cause of death all over the world ... Major risk factors for accidents: Age, alcohol consumption and illicit drug use, sedentary lifestyle, body coordination issues, physical disabilities like that of vision or hearing, not abiding by the state laws when on road, no usage of seat belts, rough driving on weather hazardous roads, fatigue and driving mixed together, bad lighting due to fog or motor vehicles having issues with their lighting and people taking depressant psychiatric medications ... AccidentsView thread »

... what you have could be due to SI (sacroiliac) joint which in turn may inhibit butt muscles and develop spasm. I suggest you do a lot of icing on the sacrum and on the butt muscles frequently, for 15 minutes every two hours once possibly. Since there is a ... … View thread »

... sorry for the accident and the health problem you are suffering from. In my opinion, your health situation is due to the earlier accident, and it is called post-traumatic disorder, which is fully treatable. Just because earlier you suffered a brain hemorrhage ... … View thread »

... seen your reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). The MRI brain report of your father-in-law is suggestive of a soft tissue injury on the right side of the head. But, there is no evidence of injury or bleeding inside the brain. I would like ... … View thread »


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