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Medical Advice on "Scar Removal"

Please recommend me any cream for scar removal ... I assume that you are not a diabetic nor have you performed any hair removal procedure … View thread »

I now have hyperpigmentation and very noticeable wound scar ... What about the wound scar ... Thank you doctor, At what stage, can I engage in laser treatment for hyperpigmentation and scar removalView thread »

3) Can you please suggest some ointment for scar removal as well ... Usually (Aloegrace) Aloe vera gel application, once the wound is completely healed is enough for scar removalView thread »

The laser is also useful in improving acne scars ... The use of carbon dioxide laser and Er: YAG lasers (erbium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet) for treating acne scars are well known ... To get your acne scars removed consult an acne scar removal specialist online … View thread »

Surgery in acne is indicated usually either for acne scars or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation ... Pitted facial scars, although commonly caused by acne, also result from a variety of conditions such as chicken pox, herpes zoster, etc ... Consult an acne scar removal specialist online … View thread »

There is excessive scar formation at the circumcision site, which is responsible for the tightness feeling during erection ... Those holes are scar tissue only … View thread »

... Surgeon.,Fellow in Dermpath ... … View thread »

It left a scar on my face and looks ugly ... Your scar can be corrected with very good cosmetic results by a few options … View thread »

It takes about at least one year for the scar to mature ... Until then, the scar will be hard and it undergoes various stages ... Thank you doctor, I had five stitches on my upper lip and after removal of the stitches, there was swelling and a cyst had been formed on one side of my lip … View thread »


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