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Medical Advice on "Scar Removal"

I have examined the pictures (attachments removed to protect patient identity) and noted your details. The description matches closely that of superficial folliculitis which is a low grade bacterial infection of the hair follicles and is recurrent in nature. For … View thread »

It is good that you have explained the condition in full detail and with good quality pictures (attachment removed to protect patient identity). First of all, the Hydroquinone used over the skin especially over the thin penile skin does have side effects. I … View thread »

Hot beverage spillage usually causes severe burning sensation, but there is no reason to get alarmed if managed properly. From what you have said, I guess that the scalded area is small. If it is so, the first thing you have to do is to apply water and wash the wound. … View thread »

... laser treatment for resistant acne, which does not respond to topical therapy ... … View thread »

I have discussed about various acne scar surgeries … View thread »

It could be an infection of the head of the penis. If possible, please send me images. It does not sound serious, so nothing to worry. You need to give the pus, that is coming out from the holes, for culture and sensitivity. And you will require antibiotics … View thread »


,MD.,DNB.,Fellow in Laser.,Hair Transplant Surgeon.,Fellow in Dermpath … View thread »

I have seen your query and concern. Your scar can be corrected with very good cosmetic results by a few options. Subcision followed by scar revision surgery or punch scar lifting surgery need to consult your nearby dermatologist or plastic surgeon. … View thread »


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