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Medical Advice on "Seroma"

What you had the first time was hematoma or blood collection which was drained. Now, what you have is a seroma, which usually gets absorbed by the body in a couple of weeks. I would suggest you wait or if you want to confirm if it is a seroma or hematoma, you can get … View thread »

Corneal thickness is not same as stromal thickness. The cornea has got five layers like epithelium, Bowman's layer, stroma, Descemet's layer and endothelium. Stroma is the thickest layer of the cornea. Now, when we plan LASIK rule it should have least 500 micron of … View thread »

Let me share some facts about viral infection of eye. Primary viral infection of the eye is usually followed by recurrent infection that may involve any or all layers of cornea. Cornea has three layers: Epithelium, stroma and endothelium. It is when the stroma … View thread »

How are you doing? You can definitely have a baby. The spontaneous tear in the uterus could be due to multiparity, baby weight of greater than 4.5 kg, vaginal manipulations during labor, prolonged labor or excessive and uncontrolled use of oxytocin infusion. The cervix … View thread »

I went through your query. I am really sorry to know your niece is suffering from stomach and irregular cycles. I understand it can be a very annoying problem. By the ultrasound report that you have given here, it seems your niece has PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome … View thread »

Your ultrasonography report (attachment removed to protect patient identity) shows polycystic ovaries and nothing else. In my opinion, you should go for an ovulation induction from the day 2 of your periods, followed by follicle monitoring from day 10. It helps … View thread »

Fibroadenosis is a benign condition and it rarely worsens.It has relation with periods, and it is painful just before periods.There is nothing should be done about it until it affects your quality of life. I suggest you tablet Evion (Vitamin E) once daily for a month.For … View thread »


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