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Medical Advice on "Stress"

Many people feel stress as only a psychiatric illness and because it is sometimes taken as a stigma if you go for a psychiatric evaluation, huge number of patients remain undiagnosed and untreated for years … View thread »

This often happens when a stressful situation arises, which also raises my BP ... Also, when we are subjected to constant stress, those muscles become stiff … View thread »

Great amount of stress in children does affect brain development ...  As the brain develops till the age of 18 years, stress can affect the development … View thread »

Usually, I have a bit less bleeding on the third day, but I was also very much stressed during this time related to my situation ... And does stress affects my period bleeding … View thread »

I do not want to waste my time going to the hospital, and people keep telling me that it is stress ... Your chest pain might be related to your work, too much stress can induce chest pain … View thread »

I am experiencing light pink to red vaginal bleeding after dealing with high stress at work ... I have been working from home, but have an extremely high stress in career … View thread »

I am suffering from stress chest pain for the past one year ... Your pain at your chest wall may be due to stress or heartburn from acid reflux … View thread »

 I could say neither stress alone is the cause for all my health problems, nor old age ... Stress is a very important cause of bowel disturbance, one should alleviate all kind of stress to get rid of these problems … View thread »

Can stress and anxiety cause joints to pop ... I was okay last month but this month it has been really stressful for me and I know my hands feel stiff and all my joints pop … View thread »


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