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Medical Advice on "Sunprotection"

... like (attachment removed to protect patient identity) polymorphic light eruptions, may be allergic contact dermatitis. You can use full sleeve cotton shirts to ... … View thread »
... gone through the information provided. It most likely appears to be sunburn as seen in the photograph (attachment removed to protect patient identity). You could ... … View thread »
... like to reply it in pointwise: Oily face is the nature of the skin. It is very difficult to cure it permanently. But, you can try the following tips. Do not use ... … View thread »
... cleansing of your skin. Use soap or face wash not more than two to three times a day. Plain water can be used to cleanse whenever required. Pat dry your ... … View thread »
... a white material containing papule type lesions that mainly presents over the face. Milia are due to sun exposure. Long term sunlight exposure cause sweating ... … View thread »
(Know all about sunprotection and sunscreens) Also use a Kojic acid and Glycolic acid based cream daily like Kojivit plus gel or Rejuglow gel once in a day … View thread »
otherwise you can follow absolute sunprotectionView thread »
... understand your concern and I have reviewed your photographs (attachment removed to protect patient identity). You have developed irritant contact dermatitis to ... … View thread »
... given history, it seems that you have developed photoallergic reactions due to chronic use of Doxycycline almost for two years. May be possibly you have acne ... … View thread »
... read about your query and the history. After an injury, anywhere for the matter may result in darkening termed as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Cicaplast ... … View thread »
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