Tooth Cavity

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Can tooth cavities lead to infection of the bone?
Query: Hello doctor, I have cavities in the front two teeth. I have kept putting off seeing the dentist because of a high profile busy job. I have an upcoming appointment but am worried about a possible infection to the bone? If this is the case would I have severe pain and swelling?  Read Full »
Dr. Purva Jingar

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Well, not every cavity reaches the bone. For infection, either pain or sensitivity is there. Just consult your dentist and do as he says. Wish you good health and happiness. Keep me updated with the improvements. For more information consult a dentist online --> ...  Read Full »
My tooth cavity is filled with an inflamed gum tissue. What procedure should I undergo?
Query: Hello doctor,My tooth has a hole in it, the gums are now inflated and it blocks the hole now. What procedure would the dentist do in my tooth? Also, the placement of the tooth is in the upper middle part.  Read Full »
Dr. Muzaffer Hussain Parray

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your query and understand your concern. According to your description, it is a pulp polyp. It is a pulp hyperplastic condition after acute pulpitis. You do not need to worry because it is not a dangerous condition. There are two possible treatment...  Read Full »
I have tooth cavities. How to prevent further infection?
Query: Hello doctor, In my whole life I am known for eating candy and not brushing my teeth as much as I should. Today, I went to the dentist and said that I have nine cavities. This concerns me because I am not sure how long I had the cavities. This is my first time I am visiting a dentist. I read an a...  Read Full »
Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Yes, by getting the tooth filled you can prevent further decay of the teeth. It would prevent any spread of infection. Yes, dental infection can get life-threatening through septicemia (bacteria in blood), which can go through the maxillary sinus to the brain. But, it ha...  Read Full »
Can my tooth cavity be cured by filling?
Query: Hi doctor, I got my dental checkup done recently. A small cavity was observed on the side of my tooth between 2 teeth. I am attaching a photo of x-ray. Please check second upper tooth from left in the x-ray. Also let me know, if this can be cured by filling?  Read Full »
Dr. Nivedita Dalmia

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I checked the x-ray (attachment removed to protect patient identity) Yes, this can be cured by restoration.  Read Full »
Are silver fillings hazardous to health?
Query: Hi doctor,  I recently had my tooth cavity filled with a silver filling. I read on the internet that silver fillings are toxic to human kind. Please suggest what I can do. Shall I get it removed, and replaced with some other material that is not hazardous?  Read Full »
Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Dentists have started to avoid using silver fillings. The only hazardous substance in an amalgam (silver) filling is mercury. But that too is not reactive with the human tissue. If you still wish to get it removed, get it replaced by a composite feeling. Take care. For...  Read Full »
Please suggest remedy for small gum abscess.
Query: Hello doctor, I have gum abscess. It is very small and white in color. Should I visit a dentist or will it be alright if I go for home remedies?  Read Full »
Dr. Soheel Hussain Zargar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to It would have been better if you had sent a clear photograph of the jaw and whether you did a filling of the tooth in the same area so that I can assess it properly. Still, with limited inputs, I feel it is a case of gingival abscess due to a diseased tooth or carious t...  Read Full »
I am having tooth pain because of broken tooth. Please help.
Query: Hello doctor, I am having a lot of pain on my upper right side with a broken tooth. The pain is going up in my face to my head. Could you tell me what I can do? I have been taking Tylenol for pain.  Read Full »
Dr. Soheel Hussain Zargar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You need not worry. Your chief complaint suggests pain in the upper right back region which is due to a carious tooth (attachment removed to protect patient identity). So as far your emergency is concerned, you are advised to use following medications: Amoxicillin-Clavu...  Read Full »
Does crooked teeth and broken decayed tooth make extraction necessary for braces?
Query: Hello doctor, I have crooked teeth at front and tooth behind the crooked teeth was decayed and half broke in sideways. It was touching the crooked teeth in backward and my teeth in under jaws are somewhat misaligned. Do I need a tooth extraction for braces?  Read Full »
Dr. Soheel Hussain Zargar

Answer: Hi, Welcome to You have crowded teeth and in medical terminology, it is called malocclusion.  Read Full »
All my teeth have cavities and I am ashamed to smile. Please help.
Query: Hi doctor, I have big issues with getting cavities. I take good care of my teeth, never had any soda in almost four years. I keep getting cavities in the bottom of my front and back teeth. Almost all my teeth have cavities. I really want to get them fixed but I have always been embarrassed to go to...  Read Full »
Dr. Naveen Thomas

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have seen the images (attachment removed to protect patient identity). You have enamel hypoplasia which is a sort of defect when the teeth were forming or genetic. You can ask your dentist to give crowns to all teeth which have such large broken cavities. Else, yo...  Read Full »
The tooth is sharp and cracked. What is the treatment?
Query: Hello doctor,The tooth is sharp and cracked. It is leaving a space in the mouth. What is the treatment?  Read Full »
Dr. Divya Banu M

Answer: Hi, Welcome to How are you doing? I saw the image, but it is not clear (attachment removed to protect patient identity). But, based on how much ever I could appreciate, it seems you have deep caries in your first molar and to some extent nearby second premolar too. The crack or sharp...  Read Full »


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