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Medical Advice on "Tsh Level"

For the past one month, I have low energy levels along with stiffness and pain in the muscles, especially in the upper back and neck ... I have noticed that your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) level is very high … View thread »

When I retested, my levels were 27 U/mL ... I had a test this month, and the levels were at 11768 U/mL … View thread »

In my first trimester, the TSH level was 031 and the doctor advised me to continue the same dosage of medicine ... But, in my recent serum test, total T4 level is 105 mcg/dL and TSH has shooted to 1437 mIU/L … View thread »

Low levels of both TSH and FT4 indicate that the problem is at Pituitary or Hypothalamus level and NOT Thyroid … View thread »

Again his cholesterol level is in borderline which will reduce once he follows these guidelines … View thread »

We did blood tests this week to check if we are healthy and my three children show a low level of hematocrit count, although their RBC is within limits … View thread »

Kindly let me know what should be the dose to control the level now ... My cholesterol levels are a bit high too … View thread »

In the third trimester, the recommended level of TSH should be under 3 ... This level should not have any impact on delivery … View thread »

My latest thyroid profile report showed the T3 and T4 to be normal and the TSH levels were abnormal at 2296 ... In early pregnancy, fetus mainly depends on mother's thyroid level because fetus itself cannot produce up to around 11 to 12 weeks (three months) … View thread »

But, my TSH level was greater than 150 (normal range 035 - 550) … View thread »


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