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Medical Advice on "Ultrasound Abdomen"

Yes, all laboratory reports and ultrasound abdomen reports are normal except for Helicobacter pylori antibody (attachment removed to protect patient identity) … View thread »

liver function test (LFT), ultrasound abdomen and viral markers are needed ...  I have only abdomen pain now, and my fever has been cured before three days … View thread »

USG (ultrasound) abdomen and pelvis ... Today the urination is not that much but I have severe pain in both sides of my abdomenView thread »

Please get a urine culture and sensitivity done along with ultrasound abdomen, because stones in lower ureter can cause these symptoms … View thread »

The tests suggested are as follows: Ultrasound abdomen to rule out inflammation of abdomenView thread »

 You should go ahead for an ultrasound abdomen to see the status of liver … View thread »

Also, get a urine routine microscopic test and ultrasound abdomenView thread »

I suggest you to do an ultrasound abdomen immediately to rule out appendicitis ... It started in her naval and now in her lower abdomen on the right hand side … View thread »

What about ultrasound abdomen status and urine examination ... Continue the above medications and get ultrasound abdomen, serum LDH (lactate dehydrogenase), Hb and viral markers status tests done … View thread »


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