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Medical Advice on "Ultrasound Breast"

They are mammogram, ultrasound breast and FNAC (fine needle aspiration cytology) of the lump ... I do not have any family history of breast cancer ... Any breast lump definitely requires evaluation for cancerous growth … View thread »

Please get an ultrasound breast done and follow up with the report ... It occurs as a result of some hormonal changes during the course of development of the breastView thread »

But it is suggested that an ultrasound breast may be undertaken to look for an organised lump if present and if required an FNAC may be done to sample the local tissue and send for histopathological examination ... A few days ago I noticed that my left breast was very tender ... Yesterday morning I started feeling sharp stabbing pain inside my breast near the nipple every hour or so … View thread »

Breast ultrasound ... Although mammography is the best screening method, other screening methods like breast ultrasound, breast MRI, and breast self-examination can be done ... As the incidence of breast cancer is gradually increasing in developing as well as the developed world, it is important to look for cancer before there are any obvious symptoms … View thread »

I would suggest you wait or if you want to confirm if it is a seroma or hematoma, you can get an ultrasound scan ... An ultrasound will show the collection and also the quantity … View thread »

The doctor did not recommend a biopsy because of the small size and after mammogram and ultrasound were performed, he gave it BI-RADS III and told me to go back in six months for another MRI and a mammogram ... There was a non-mass lesion seen on the left breast which the radiologist said was stable for three years ... On the right breast, there were three foci seen, two measuring 5 mm and one 3 mm … View thread »

With a strong family history of breast cancer, I would suggest getting an ultrasound of the breast done after getting the breast examined by a surgeon ... I feel that my strength is declining, and I have itchiness and hot sensation across my breasts, neck, and torso ... I also had a bumpy rash patch surfaced on my left breast several days ago … View thread »

I was given vitamin E medicine, and I was told to get ultrasound and FNAC ... Your ultrasound report was not attached ... It is on the right breast, under the underarms ... The reports say FNAC smear prepared from right breast reveal abundant neutrophils admixed with few lymphocytes and some foamy macrophages … View thread »

So first, we need to rule out breast cancer by doing a mammogram with or without ultrasound ... It could be related to your breast cyst ... It could be from a very tiny bleeding tumor (usually benign papilloma) inside the milk ducts of the breastView thread »

Ultrasound ... Symptoms: Majority of women who come to the surgical outpatient department complain of either pain or lump in the breast or discharge from the nipple … View thread »


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