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Medical Advice on "Urinary Tract Infection"

This article is aimed at providing basic knowledge about UTI, its symptoms and treatment … View thread »

You are having recurrent or persistent urinary infection. It could be due to incorrect antibiotic or inadequate duration or due to prostatitis. You need to repeat a urine culture after retracting the foreskin and taking midstream sample. If your doctor can do a … View thread »

Recurrent urinary tract infections are common in post and perimenopausal women.You need to get a urine culture and routine investigation, so that culture guided antibiotics can be given.In these cases plenty of fluids and urine alkalizer syrups are also very helpful to … View thread »

... have discussed a few effective ways to prevent urinary tract infection in women ... … View thread »

It looks like an upper urinary tract infection. Get your urine test done in a place where they check whether it is E.Coli (Escherichia Coli) or ESBL (Extended-spectrum beta-lactamases). Also, do an ultrasonography for the bladder to check post void residue. Start … View thread »

Your baby has proven UTI - urinary tract infection with Klebsiella and is Colistin sensitive and unfortunately not responding. Also, she had bilateral reflux, which is prone to cause recurrent UTI. The reason for persistent urine infection may be underlying … View thread »

It can be recurrent and annoying. It is more common during sexually active period. Try these simple and effective measures to keep the annoying urinary infection at bay … View thread »

UTI - urinary tract infection caused by Klebsiella takes longer to get treated. But, once cleared it should not come back. Recurrent UTI could be due to kidney stones, diabetes, dehydration, involvement of upper urinary tract, frequent sexual encounters, etc. I … View thread »

It is a urinary tract infection, mostly cystitis. It occurs due to unhygienic peri genital condition. In order to prevent UTI keep your perineal area clean like cleaning after intercourse and daily cleaning of the area during bathing. For the cure, you will need an … View thread »

... common reasons for recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI) in women and presents some easy-to-follow suggestions to avoid getting the infection in the first place ... … View thread »


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