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... does look like shingles. Please visit a dermatologist on an urgent basis and start on antiviral like Acyclovir or Valacyclovir as soon as possible. Other possible causes for sudden occurrence of such lesions can be irritant contact dermatitis that you ... … Read More »

... through the images (attachment removed to protect patient identity). You are having herpes zoster. This is a viral infection. I suggest taking the following tablet. Valtoval (Valacyclovir) 1 g thrice a day for five days. Consult your specialist doctor, ... … Read More »

... your query and understand your concerns. You are right in saying that genital warts are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus), and even the biopsy of the excised skin confirmed the same. Although there are some reports that Valtoval (Valacyclovir) has some ... … Read More »

... image (attachment removed to protect patient identity) is more for folliculitis over the chin area with cheilitis over the lips. From your image, the lesions do not appear herpetic at present. The investigations also support the same. Also, the repeated use ... … Read More »

... through your post. I can understand the pain and frustration that a person goes through while getting a recurring infection and is on treatment for prolonged periods. Our options for herpes is limited. The guidelines say that for recurrent HSV (herpes simplex ... … Read More »

... noted your concern. You have genital herpes. It is an sexually transmitted disease and is caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV). There are two types of HSV - type 1 and 2. Your test is positive for both HSV type 1 and type 2. IgM positivity and IgG negative means ... … Read More »

... seen your attachment (attachment removed to protect patient identity). The condition looks like poison ivy. There are few blisters evolving, it may go on for one to two weeks without treatment. Poison ivy usually requires oral Prednisone to keep it under control ... … Read More »

... your picture (attachment removed to protect patient identity). There are few papulovesicles (few are solid bumps, few blisters as per the picture) arranged in groups, with erythema (redness) at the base involving the right side of the chest. Features are ... … Read More »

... can take bath with lukewarm water, avoid hot water. Do not use harsh soap or scrub. You can use dove soap. Since it is winter, normal soap will make your skin drier and will irritate the chickenpox blisters. But the best thing will be to have luke warm ... … Read More »

... share some facts about viral infection of eye. Primary viral infection of the eye is usually followed by recurrent infection that may involve any or all layers of cornea. Cornea has three layers: Epithelium, stroma and endothelium. It is when the stroma ... … Read More »


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