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Medical Advice on "Viral Infection"

The doctor told me that I have a viral infection, and has given me antibiotics and a cough syrup ... Usually, an upper respiratory tract infection is viral in nature, and if there is no improvement, then antibiotic course needs to be given ... According to the history, you have an upper respiratory tract infectionView thread »

He has frequent bouts of throat and viral infection accompanied by a runny nose ... He just catches flu and throat infections easily … View thread »

I am afraid to stop the medication in case he both had a bacterial and viral infection and make things worse by stopping the medication without any medical proofs that he should ... I cannot make him stop taking his antibiotics just in case he does havea bacterial infection ... Is it possible to find out after taking his antibiotics halfway, to find out if he has the bacterial infection for sure … View thread »

I would like to know who made the diagnosis of a viral infection ... Vigadexa (Moxifloxacin and Dexamethasone) and Zylopred (Gatifloxacin Topical and Loteprednol) both contain steroids and are not recommended for viral infections … View thread »

During viral infection, I woke up early in the morning shaking uncontrollably and my heart rate was 152, so the ambulance took me to the hospital … View thread »

The viral infection she might have caught from her school and there is no need to worry ... The joint pain could be associated with viral infection ...  Does her Parvovirus blood work indicate an ongoing infection or does it indicate an immunity … View thread »

Antivirals such as Acyclovir, Famciclovir, and Valacyclovir are prescribed in certain circumstances to reduce pain and speed up the healing process ... After the chickenpox infection has run its course, the virus stays dormant (passive) in the nerves close to the spinal cord … View thread »

It is likely a viral infection of the throat and nose ... I personally do not think any need of blood test as of now as we already know the cause of fever, that is, upper respiratory tract infection, and also it is improving … View thread »

Is it a viral fever ... It is not a viral infection but a bacterial infection as her TLC has increased ... Also, diabetic patients are prone to such infectionView thread »


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