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Medical Advice on "Warning Signs In Children"

Warning signs in children are as follows: Lethargy and refusal to feed Convulsions ... Here are certain things you should know about children under the age of 6 months … View thread »
Warning signs in children are lethargy, refusal to feed, convulsions, abdominal distension with vomiting and non-passage of stools ... Please be watchful for these signs ... The sleep cycle takes six months to become normal in childrenView thread »
Also, please note that small children till the age of six months pass stools up to 10 to 15 times a day or once in 2 to 3 days … View thread »
... understand your concern. At 12 days of age, there can be increased frequency of stools, but the stool amount should be very less and not watery. The stools can be ... … View thread »
The only worrisome signs in children below six months are lethargy, refusal to feed, convulsion and icterus ... If any of these signs are present, then it is important to evaluate the child completely … View thread »
Only warning color signs in the stool are the red and lemon white ... Warning signs in a child are, Lethargy all the time … View thread »
The warning signs are breathlessness or bluish discoloration in a child suffering from a cough and cold ... No, it is not dangerous unless the warning signs that I have told you previously are present ... Only be watchful for the signs that I told you earlier ... Hi doctor,Do you mean that running nose or cold is normal in children at this age … View thread »
However, you should be watchful for the following warning signs ...  Also, please see for the following signs ... If the above signs exist, then it is indicating probable kawasaki disease ... The most common cause of high platelets in children of this age group is kawasaki disease (rare inflammatory condition of blood vessel walls in children) … View thread »
  Warning signs in neonates are lethargy, refusal to feed, abdominal distention with repeated episodes of vomiting without passing stools, convulsions, dehydration and yellowish discoloration of the skin ... It is normal for the children below the age of 6 months to pass stools up to 15 times a day or once in two days … View thread »
The warning signs requiring admission are as follows: Breathlessness and cyanosis ... If you find any of the warning signs I have told above, then please take the child to the nearest hospital and admit the child ... If any one of these signs is present, please admit the child in a nearby hospital … View thread »
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