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Medical Advice on "Warning Signs In Children"

You seem to be very worried and I think this is your first child, which is why all the worry is taking place. Here are certain things you should know about children under the age of 6 months. Slight coughing, sneezing, gurr gurr noises from the chest that does not impair … View thread »

From your explanation, a few things are evident. This is probably your first child. We are talking about a normal well-growing child with a weight of 6 kg at the age of 2 months, which is very good. The behaviour that you are explaining is known as startling reflex. It is … View thread »

Probably, I think there has been a change in the milk for this baby, and that may be causing these problems. These problems usually last up to three to four days after changing milk and then subside. It is normal. Also, please note that small children till the age of six … View thread »

What you are describing your child is normal insecurity of the first born child. Whenever there is a second baby expected due to the constant attention which the coming baby gets, the first child gets insecure and feels unsafe as young children have a different … View thread »

I can understand your concern. At 12 days of age, there can be increased frequency of stools, but the stool amount should be very less and not watery. The stools can be green or yellow in color, which is normal at this age. However, if there are decreased feeding, fever, … View thread »

I believe this is your first child and that is why all the fuss. All the above complaints that you said are normal until the age of up to 6 months. Till the age of 6 months, the child may pass stools 10 to 15 times a day or once in two to three days. Also, the child may … View thread »

You seem to be going through a lot of stress with your child. Please calm down. All these phenomena are completely normal till the age of 6 months in every child. I believe this must be your first child and that is why all the confusion. Normal things that every first … View thread »

There are a few points to be noted here. When the nose is blocked, air entry is achieved through the mouth which stays open. So, there is no choking with blocked nose. However, this may disturb the sleep of the child. Recurrent episodes of a cough and cold without fever … View thread »

I have gone through the reports and history of your child given by you (attachment removed to protect patient identity). There seems to be a serious viral infection that the child has suffered as the total counts are high, but without any neutrophilic predominance. … View thread »

Please do not give cow's milk to the baby. You can either breastfeed or give him formula feed, but not cow's milk as it does not contain nutrition in the required amounts. It is normal for the children below the age of 6 months to pass stools up to 15 times a day or once … View thread »


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