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Medical Advice on "Weight Gain"

Pregnancy weight gain is crucial, not only to provide sufficient nourishment to the baby but also to accumulate adequate reserves for breastfeeding … View thread »

However, when my depression worsened I was given Mirtazapine 30 mg and my weight increased a lot ... Nevertheless, my weight has started increasing drastically around belly and hips (after I stopped Topomax) ... I gained 15 kg in three months, mostly around my belly and hip ... And you are concerned about weight gain but as I can see the details given your height is 175 cm and weight is 33 kg in which case you are not overweight at all … View thread »

I have symptoms of anxiety, weight gain, sweating, tiredness, increased heartbeat, heart burn, disturbed and less sleep … View thread »

At that time my wife's BP was 120/60 and weight 84 kg ... Her weight is increasing randomly, around a week back she was 81 kg, and now she is 84 kg ... Another solution to find sudden weight gain is ultrasound of pregnancy, which can be done to see if there is excess amniotic fluid/liquor amnii inside uterus … View thread »

Is there any ayurvedic weight gain supplement ... Nutrigain is a herbal product, you can use it to gain weight ... Can I take Nutrigain … View thread »

I want to lose my weight ... You must do diet and exercise to reduce your weight and cholesterol as well … View thread »

Please suggest the best formula milk for weight gain and overall development … View thread »

I keep asking my obstetrician regarding my weight gain ... I am gaining so much weight when I barely eat and my stomach so huge … View thread »

 I have regular weight gain problem ... But still, I am gaining weightView thread »

Haloperidol is an antipsychotic with the least weight gain potential … View thread »


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