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Medical Advice on "Weight Reduction"

Or can you recommend any other diet pills for weight loss ... Hello, Welcome to You need not take this drug to reduce weightView thread »

Studies and observations have shown that proper weight management has resolved many issues associated with PCOS ... Weight gain ... Weight reduction has shown promising results on the regularization of menses in central obesity patients ... Taking medication for weight reduction is not a great idea as the weight rebounds once the medication is stopped … View thread »

Weight reduction is very important in diabetes ... Maintain a strict diet and walk daily to reduce weightView thread »

Can I take Phentermine for weight loss without problems of serotonin syndrome ... Phentermine is a short-term (few weeks) adjunctive used as a part of a weight reduction regimen for patients with initial body mass index (BMI) more than or equal to 30 kg/m² … View thread »

I want you to understand how metabolism plays an important role in weight gain or weight reduction ... An increased metabolism will lead to more energy burning which will help you to reduce weightView thread »

This involves weight reduction, oral contraceptive pills for three months, the ones with Cyproterone acetate to reduce testosterone levels and also most importantly Myo-Inositol supplementation 1000 mg per day … View thread »

The first step will be weight reduction, testing hormones and fallopian tubes ... The weight should be around 60 kg … View thread »

I have lost around 55 kg till now and now, my weight is 68 kg ... Also, you have achieved a great weight reduction with it which needs appreciation too … View thread »

I would suggest: Weight reduction ... If you will control your weight and lower the BMI to around 22 to 23, we can stop the progression of degeneration … View thread »

Management of sciatica includes weight reduction, local painkiller creams, vitamin b12, pregabalin tablets, and surgery if the pain is severe and there is motor function abnormality … View thread »


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