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Medical Advice on "Yoga"

According to Sage Patanjali, who is the author of the yoga text &ldquo ... Patanjali Yoga Sutra&rdquo … View thread »

This fact brings attention towards yoga ... Physical activity and yogaView thread »

Yoga is of two types ... One for physical exercises called asanas and the second one is meditational yogaView thread »

Along with that meditation, exercises, and yoga can help improve your condition ... Suryanamaskar is the most efficient form of yoga that can be used for all conditions … View thread »

So, if your symptoms are due to problem with lungs, then you can follow these guidelines for yoga: Useful pranayama (breathing exercise) are: Anuloma viloma (27 rounds), sectional breathing (5 breaths each), bhramari (9 rounds) and kapalbhati … View thread »

Shall I follow yoga or pranayama for lowering my BP ...  When you adopt ayurveda lifestyle and yoga practices, it will cure the condition without any doubt … View thread »

I want to start practicing yoga for weight loss ... But, I do not know anything about yogaView thread »

All kind of yoga postures are not recommended for everyone ... Always remember that yoga is not just performing tough postures … View thread »


,MD (Yoga & rehabilitation … View thread »


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