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Medical Advice on "Yoga"

It has become evident with research as well as clinical observation. It is a safe, economical and easy way of life which can be adopted even by geriatric … View thread »

4% population of the world. Not only the developed countries, but also the developing countries are significantly affected by it. There are various treatment approaches for managing diabetes which has been successful to certain extent. But still, … View thread »

Yoga is of two types. One for physical exercises called asanas and the second one is meditational yoga. Both have tremendous benefits for life and health. Physical yoga regulates body glands, hormones and cures many diseases of the body. For different persons and … View thread »

Continue with the prescribed medication. Along with that meditation, exercises, and yoga can help improve your condition. Deep breathing, inhalation through nose and exhalation through the mouth, improves blood circulation. Suryanamaskar is the most efficient form … View thread »

It is not very clear from your mail what exactly you mean by "hard breath". I consider it as "difficulty in breathing" and my answer is based on difficulty in breathing. Difficulty in breathing is a non-specific symptom and can be due to wide variety of reasons. As … View thread »

 When you adopt ayurveda lifestyle and yoga practices, it will cure the condition without any doubt.  Avoid salt intake and spicy food as much as possible. Avoid fast food, deep fried foods and preservatives. Eat more fresh vegetables and drink three liters of water … View thread »

As per the data your weight is too high for an individual. You need to rebuild your lifestyle by giving time to exercise and yogic techniques. Especially fast rounds of suryanamaskara will help you with your problems. Start slowly and day by day increase the speed of … View thread »

All kind of yoga postures are not recommended for everyone. Beginners should never try tough postures. Always remember that yoga is not just performing tough postures. Definition of yoga posture says that sthira sukham asana. That means asana is the posture by which you … View thread »

,MD (Yoga & rehabilitation … View thread »

,Dip Yoga.,MS Orth.,MCh Orth (L'pool - UK).,Wrightington Arthroplasty Fellowship.,Hull Spine Fellowship.,AO Spine & Trauma Fellowship - USA … View thread »


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